Notifications are Now Live!

Wondering why your cash flow forecast looks off? Or how that overdue bill snuck up on you and put you in a bind? Or ever just logged in to Float and wondered ‘where do I start’? You’re not alone. That’s why we’ve released notifications within Float to let you know when you’ve got overdue bills […]

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Meet Kieran – Our New Product Manager at Float

If things are going well, at some point your company reaches a point where the CEO or founder needs to bring in some help so that they can focus on all the other stuff they need to do in order to run their business. Here at Float, that meant hiring a product manager to help […]

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Top Tips To Instantly Improve Your Cash Flow Projection 

Projecting cash flow is hard. But the more accurate you can make a cash flow projection, the more powerful they become. Here’s a list of 9 things we see business owners and finance directors doing that give them mastery over their cash flow predictions. 1. Clearly articulate your plans As Eisenhower once said: “plans are […]

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The Best Xero Add Ons for Business Funding

Whether you’re trying to bridge a cash gap or secure funding to grow your business, the Xero marketplace offers a suite of apps that can help. From add ons that help you to secure funding to ones that help you manage it, there’s something to help you every step of the way. Because of local […]

Cash Flow Forecast in Excel – Pitfalls to Avoid

Creating a cash flow forecast in Excel (or another type spreadsheet) can be a critical step towards proactively planning for the future of your business. But keep in mind that a manual forecast is tricky to get right and keep up to date. When you’re getting started forecasting in Excel, take care to watch out […]

Free Cash Flow Forecast Template

We understand how important cash flow forecasting is for a business, especially right now. That’s why we’ve created a cash flow forecast template for you to start using for free today. Simply hit the button below and it’s yours. Do you know exactly how much cash is coming into and out of your business? If […]

The Direct and Indirect Method of Cash Flow Forecasting: Which Should You Use?

What’s the difference between the direct and indirect method of cash flow forecasting? You may already know that your cash flow forecast tells you what your future bank balance will be and helps you to find out if your business will have the right amount of money at the right time. But did you know […]

Product Update: Quick Budget Edit

We have been working hard on introducing a new feature into Float called ‘Quick Budget Edit’. Simple Copying and Pasting This feature will allow you to copy multiple rows and columns of budget data from another source e.g. a spreadsheet, and paste them straight into Float using keyboard shortcuts (ctrl + c and ctrl + […]

How Dog and Pony Studios are using Float

Chris Davies, the owner of Toronto-based creative agency Dog and Pony Studios, started using Float in 2013 and now describes it as an invisible member of the team. How did Float become such an integral part of the business? Dog and Pony Studios were successful: offices opened in Rio de Janeiro and Barcelona, new clients […]

Check Out The All New Float!

Sometimes as a company it’s frustrating not to be able to solve everyone’s problems 100% of the time. But there are also moments when we’re immensely proud of what we’re building as a team and excited about what it means for our customers. Over the past year we’ve been rebuilding Float from the ground up. […]

The Difference Between A P&L Budget And A Forecast

Planning for the future is essential for business success. In order to make confident decisions, you need to know what lies ahead. Understanding the difference between your budget and forecasts can help you to properly plan for the future of your business. What is a P&L budget? Your profit and loss is your business’s financial […]

An Introduction to Working Capital Management

Being an ex-banker looking after small businesses, and now a small business owner myself I have seen working capital management from both sides. Not so long ago, if your bank turned you down for an overdraft, that was the end of the matter – there was nowhere else to go short of friends and family. […]

7 Steps to Build Float into Your Workflow

Can you see an opportunity for using Float with your clients but you’re unsure how best to incorporate it into your workflow? We’ve spoken with lots of partners who use Float regularly, and this is how they do it: 1. Test it out with your own data First and foremost, you’ll want to test Float […]

Why is Float Better Than a Spreadsheet?

If you are one of the many businesses that relies on spreadsheets to produce cash flow forecasts, you may have had occasional doubts and concerns about the level of accuracy and time it takes to produce them. You’d be right to question them. The fact is that a whopping 88% of spreadsheets contain errors*. One […]

Why Cost Reports are Crucial for Construction & Design

Cost reports can be fun. Everyone likes to see the profits their hard work is bringing in, or plan where to allocate future funds for company growth. The optimism and promise of a new report – whether it’s monthly, annually, or yearly – is very exciting, and it’s a strong indication of your company’s current […]

How to Approach Your Bank for Funding

Applying for funding from a bank can be daunting. It’s a lengthy process which involves jumping through hoop after hoop with no guarantee of success. But it doesn’t have to be that way, follow our guide to ensure you go into the loan process with the correct information and watch your chances of approval soar. […]

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8 Tips For Launching a Successful Marketing Campaign

Not sure how to build a successful marketing campaign? We’ve all been there. Unfortunately, marketing isn’t simply throwing words on a page and hoping for the best. It’s a little more complex, and all the more fun for it. So here are our top 8 tips on how to credit a successful marketing campaign – […]

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6 Business Villains and their Evil Ways

In light of the Philip Green pension scandal at BHS, we thought we’d take the opportunity to educate you on some of the most notorious business villains. From revealing industry secrets to mistresses to throwing lavish parties funded by fraudulent loans, these anti heroes have committed some of most lucrative and luxurious (and rash) crimes ever recorded. […]

5 Most Common Reasons Businesses Seek Funding

Businesses need finance for a variety of different purposes, but there are some common reasons why businesses apply for funding. Reasons can include business grants and loans for working capital, to buy machinery, to hire more staff, or even re-finance existing loans to reduce monthly costs. A British Business Bank Survey published in 2019 found […]

What Types of Traditional Finance Are Available and When Should You Use Them?

Whether you are looking for traditional or alternative financing for your business, you could be overwhelmed with your options. Luckily we are here to put the fun into funding and the rad into traditional finance. So here is a quick breakdown of the types of finance available and when to use them. Investment finance (also […]

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The 5 Best QuickBooks Online Apps

Using QuickBooks Online means so much more than just accessing your accounts from anywhere, anytime. It also opens up an unlimited world of possibilities thanks to the app store, which boasts hundreds of QuickBooks apps all designed to help you customise an integrated package to fit your business’s needs. With so much choice it’s easy […]

How Receipt Bank Will Make Your Business More Productive

Hands up if you recognise the process of; receiving an invoice, getting it to your bookkeeper, making sure it’s entered into your accounts, filing the invoice and then storing it for several years… And hands up if you think this is a bit tedious… Well good news! It doesn’t have to be that way! Because […]

Float Doesn’t Integrate with My Accounting Software

If you’ve come to this page it looks like you have an accounting package that we don’t (yet) integrate with. At the moment, we only integrate with Xero, QuickBooks Online (QBO) and FreeAgent. Which accounting software do you use? Here’s some further information that you might find useful: Why Move Your Accounting to the Cloud? There’s […]

Top Pranks To Play On Your Boss

April Fool’s Day is fast approaching, and you’ve been itching to get your prank on, but who can you trick with no chance of repercussions? Thats right, your boss. So read on my friend, we’ve got you covered. Here are our top April Fools 2016 pranks for the professional world. Cover their desk with pictures […]

Get Started with Float in 9 Easy Steps

The 9 simple tasks below are designed to help you understand how Float works and how to get the most out of the software. Each task only takes a few minutes to complete and includes easy-to-follow instructions. If you get stuck at any point, please just drop a question into the chat box at the bottom right […]

Step 1: Include the Accounts You Want to See

Float pulls in all the bank feeds you have connected in your accounting platform. You have total control over which accounts you want to include within your cash flow forecast. This Task Should Take Less Than 2 Minutes Log-in to your account To the right of your screen, just under the main tabs, you will […]

Step 2: Check Your Balance is Correct

It’s important that Float has the right information in order to accurately predict what your future bank balance will be. This task should only take a few minutes Have a look at your Float balance for today in the top left-hand corner. Is this the number you expect to see? If the number is what […]

Step 3: Group Your Office Costs Into a Single Row

When Float imported your data we pulled across your full chart of accounts, line by line and row by row. Let’s simplify your view. If, like many businesses, you’ve got fairly predictable outgoings for “Office Costs” then you can group multiple accounting categories within this group. A group is defined in Float as a single […]

Step 4: Set Your Payroll Date

Making payroll is can sometimes be a huge issue for business owners. It might even be one of the reasons you are investigating a cash flow forecasting solution. With Float, you can get a daily view of cash flowing into, and out of, your business. And because payroll is a very predictable outgoing, you can easily […]

Step 5: Plan Your Next Payment Run

Bills arrive into your business every day. But most businesses don’t settle their debts on a daily basis.  Chances are, you have a designated day for when you deal with bills. When Float pulls in a bill from your accounting platform, it looks at the due date and predicts that you will pay that bill […]

Step 6: Input Your Sales Forecast

When Float imported your chart of accounts you may have chosen the option to build a forecast taken from average historical data. So for your sales, we would have looked at your previous 3 months’ revenue (in cash), averaged it out, and projected it forward. However, nobody knows your sales forecast better than you, so […]

Step 7: Forecast a Different Sales Scenario

Unless your business operates on a subscription-based model or you have a high proportion of retained revenue, chances are your sales forecast will be fairly unpredictable. To help you plan, we recommend you create a separate, pessimistic forecast so that you can prepare for a worst-case scenario. This Task Should Take No Longer Than 6 […]

Step 8: Project a Late Payment

Late payment can have a devastating impact on businesses. Sometimes the problem is less about a payment being late and more about the expectation of a business (for example if a business needs an invoice to be paid in order to meet their obligations). Imagine a perfect storm of outgoings looming; a tax bill is […]

Step 9: Download a Report

Cash flow forecasting isn’t really about number crunching. The real value of forecasting comes from discussing the assumptions and plans behind the numbers. While cash flow forecasting is incredibly useful as a solo activity, its power is increased exponentially when you bring in business advisors like your accountant, or an investor. These people can ensure […]

6 Solid Pick Up Lines To Use On An Accountant

Everyone knows that guys only get into accounting to pick up the ladies and let’s be honest, it works like a charm. But what do you do if you are on the other side and you just can’t wait for him to introduce himself? While we wait for to finally launch (come on guys, […]

Introducing… Onboarding Guide

Float has had a bit of a makeover with several new features over the past 6 months, so we’re introducing each one in a separate article here. Keep your eye out for the next one! Check out why we’re so excited about our Float onboarding guide! Onboarding We wanted to improve the onboarding flow for new users […]