Float’s 4-week Cash Flow Challenge: Achieve your financial goals in 2024 – Week 1

Set intentions

Challenge 1

Exercise:Set aside 15 minutes to reflect on 2023 and set an intention for why you want to start this challenge.
Time required:~ 15 mins
Prompts:Questions for reflection:
1. How did my business perform financially in 2023, and what were the significant contributing factors to its success or challenges?
2. What specific areas of my business finances require immediate attention or improvement?
3. What are my business and personal goals in 2024, and why are they important?
4. Without any judgment, note them down somewhere safe. At this stage, you just need to capture your thoughts.

Setting your intention:
– Always return to your values: What matters most to you in life? What are your aspirations?
– What would achieving a particular goal (noted from above) unlock for you and your business?
– What do you want to be able to do in four weeks that you couldn’t do now?
– Visualise yourself achieving these goals and feel it; it should feel positive and energising. This will be the intention that keeps bringing you back to this four-week challenge, even when it becomes challenging.
Resources:Side reading:
7 Advantages Of A Cash Flow Forecast

Challenge 2

Exercise 2:Set financial goals for 2024
Time required:~ 15 mins
Prompts:Following your reflection from Challenge 1, prioritise specific financial goals for your business in 2024.

Key questions to ask yourself:
1. How do these financial goals align with my business objectives?
2. What is the current financial position of my business? (Tip: Consider using a cash flow forecast for clarity.)
3. Why is it essential to achieve these goals in 2024? What opportunities or advancements will they unlock for my business?

Bonus questions:
– What resources are necessary to achieve these goals?
– What is my risk tolerance in pursuing these objectives?
– Am I seeking professional advice? If not, why not?

Optional- accountability:
Share your financial goals on LinkedIn (suggestion: you can post a picture of your notes) and tag #float4weekchallenge. This can help you remain accountable, and gain support or fresh ideas from other business owners.
Resources:Top Tips For Business Goal Setting In 2024

Challenge 3

Exercise 3:Learn why ‘Cash Is King’
Time required:~10 mins
Why Is Cash Flow Important To A Small Business?

Do you have a cash flow forecast?
If not – what’s preventing you from having one? For instance, is it too intimidating or do you lack the knowledge on how to create one?
Not sure where to begin at all?

You can reply to this email with “Week 1: Cash Flow Template” and our team will send you a basic cash flow template with instructions on how to use it.

If yes – is it up-to-date? Is it still a manual process, like using spreadsheets?

Reflect on the time and effort required and consider areas where automation could streamline tasks, allowing you to focus on critical tasks like strategising for your business.

Want more help to kickstart? Reply to this email with “Week 1: Cash Flow Help” Our team will reach out to offer additional guidance and support.
Resources:Additional reading material:
What the heck does “Cash is King” even mean?  

Float has given us the confidence to make decisions. We’re no longer afraid to think strategically or invest in our growth.

Gordan McLachlan,
Agency Owner, Primate

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