To help show you the true value of joining the cloud revolution and integrating with Xero, we’ve got the lowdown on the Xero pricing structure, and how they can help you do beautiful business.

In recent years, cloud accounting has gone from strength to strength – becoming increasingly popular the world over. Xero is slowly becoming the forerunner of the revolution; bringing millions of businesses along with it.

xero pricing

What is the Xero Pricing Structure?

The Xero pricing plans start from as little as £10 a month for the Starter Plan. A Standard Plan with Xero is £22 p/m, and the Premium Plan is £27.50 p/m.

Depending on your needs, and the needs of your business, you can pick a Xero pricing plan that’s right for you.

Xero’s pricing structure is designed to grow with you and your business. A small business owner may find that the Starter Plan is enough to cover their needs. But larger businesses may want to begin with the Standard Plan or even the Premium.

Whatever your business needs, Xero has a pricing plan just for you.

With the ability to add ‘Optional Extras’ to each plan, such as:

  • Payroll: 3 Months FREE on all plans (usually £5 p/m) for up to 5 payroll employees + £1 for each additional employee p/m.
  • Projects: £5 for 1 user p/m on all plans + £5 for each additional active user p/m.
  • Premium: £2.50 for 1 user p/m on all plans + £2.50 for each additional active user p/m.

With the ability to be flexible with the features included within your plans, and the choice of multiple to pick from, what’s not to love about the Xero pricing structure?

Cloud accounting

The cloud revolution has already taken place and has left desktop software in its wake.

The brilliance of the cloud means that your company’s intellectual property and financial information is robustly safeguarded. And operating in the cloud allows for controlled access, of select information, to appropriate employees or departments.

Additionally, it means that you no longer have to factor in the price of new computing equipment to keep up to date with constantly changing iterations of desktop software.

Integrating with the cloud is no longer optional, it’s necessary.

Australia and New Zealand have often been ahead of the curve when it comes to cloud software. With a recent article comparing the tech hubs of Australasia to Silicon Valley.

But whilst it hasn’t quite reached the lofty heights of the Golden Gate, the land of the Gold Coast is certainly on its way.

And Xero is a major part of that. Xero was created in Wellington, New Zealand by the current non-executive director, Rod Drury.

From just a handful of small businesses when it started in 2006, Xero has grown into a globally recognised brand with over a million customers.

Xero’s mission is to tackle bad business finance.

And their aim is to give businesses a more accurate insight and frictionless access to their financial management through cloud accounting.

Keeping everything in one place, Xero are enabling businesses to control their financial systems at the touch of a button.

Xero’s Features

Included in Xero’s pricing are business and financial management features – from expense management to easy invoicing options.

xero pricing

Xero is slowly migrating towards becoming the one-stop platform for all cloud accounting technology. Recognising the demand for everything to be found in one place, Xero provide multiple additional features to its customers – accountants and business owners alike.

Xero found that small businesses using their software had a survival rate of 81% after five years. Small businesses that don’t use Xero survive only 41% of the time.

Xero’s Integrations

But Xero is not just a stand-alone accounting platform. Instead, they offer access to multiple apps and add-ons, of various functionalities, across their marketplace.

Xero are invested in creating a ‘financial web’ – formatting the world of business finance into a one-stop system for all business transactions and financial management.

This means that included in Xero’s pricing is the opportunity to use it as a platform to integrate additional fintech tools.

Because Xero integrates with over 600 apps, it is entirely customisable. These value-add integrations provide you with the ability to make Xero fit you and your business.

However you like to work, Xero has an app for that.

‘Beautiful Business’

Recently, Xero had a company-wide rebrand in an effort to highlight their mission. From ‘Beautiful Accounting Software’ to ‘Beautiful Business’, Xero has always placed an emphasis on the benefits of being part of a wider economic family.

“Beautiful Business’ is our promise and what we stand for in the eyes of our customers, community and our team across the globe. In two punchy and aspirational words, it reflects our strategy, purpose and mission.” – James Kyd, EGM Brand and Strategy at Xero

Xero have aligned themselves with the community of businesses and accountants that use their platform. And in doing so, they provide a one-stop shop for all your business and financial needs.

The Xero pricing structure is designed to encourage the growth of your business, and your bank balance. With a tiered structure, Xero pricing lowers the barrier to entry, allowing fledgeling businesses to grow with them.

One of the most frequently reviewed, and top-rated apps, on the Xero marketplace is Float for cash flow forecasting.

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