How Do I Calculate Inbound Cash Flow?

Getting a strong handle on how much cash is coming into your business is essential to making informed decisions for your business. Right now, it can be hard to predict what money is going to come into your business and when. The current situation is constantly changing and the uncertainty is inevitably causing many business […]

Why A Cash Flow Forecast Is Important To Your Advisors

If you aren’t already doing a cash flow forecast you probably know that you should be. But maybe you occasionally wonder why a cash flow forecast is important to your accountant, or why your bank manager wants to see one, your why your investor keeps telling you to show them one. A cash flow forecast […]

9 Expert Tips To Instantly Improve Your Business’s Cash Flow

There are many reasons why you may want to improve cash flow in your business. Maybe you’re looking to free up some cash to put towards growth, or maybe you’d like to build up your cash cushion to protect yourself from any bumps in the road. Whatever your reason, we’ve got you covered. Sue Hirst, […]

What Is Burn Rate?

As a new business owner, you know how delicately things must be balanced to ensure that you have enough cash in the company whilst you’re seeking new investment opportunities, growing your customer base and generally getting things off the ground. You may have some venture capital for your start-up and are worried about running out […]

Forecasting revenue

How To Forecast Revenue

As a business owner, it’s important to forecast your revenue so you can guide the company in the right direction, based on solid decision-making. But how can you work out how much money your business will make? What’s the difference between revenue and income? And what’s the best way to work business revenue into your […]

Top Tips For Business Goal Setting In 2024

Are you setting New Year’s resolutions? No, we’re not talking about hitting the gym or eating out less. We mean setting business goals and objectives. Coming into the new year, it’s the perfect time to set some goals – both realistic and aspirational – for your business to work towards. Why set business goals? In […]

Understanding Your Cash Runway

To help your business grow, it’s essential you understand your cash runway. But what is? And why is it so important? Read on to find out…

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Why Is Cash Flow Important To A Small Business?

If you’ve got plans for your business, you’re going to need cash to make them happen. Dreaming big and running out of money isn’t a situation a small business wants to find itself in, which is why cash flow is critical to sustaining and growing a business. Time for some hard facts: it’s known that […]

andrew dobbie madebrave

Growing A Digital Agency With MadeBrave’s Andrew Dobbie

Ever wondered how to start a digital agency? Travelling the world and working with top-class creatives are just two of the reasons Andrew Dobbie loves agency life. From his early days as a freelance designer to founding Glasgow-based creative brand agency MadeBrave, Andrew has shared some brilliant insights with us on how to grow a […]

What the heck does “Cash is King” even mean?  

To help your business grow, it’s essential you understand your cash runway. But what is? And why is it so important? Read on to find out…

How To Use QuickBooks Online

If you run a small business, you’ve likely heard of QuickBooks Online, the smart accounting software that helps you keep on top of everything from taxes to payroll. But if you’re new to QuickBooks (or perhaps you’ve switched from QuickBooks desktop version), you might be wondering just how to use it. Don’t worry – we’ve […]

Why Do Small Businesses Use Float?

For over 10 years, thousands of small businesses have been using Float to help them make their biggest business decisions. But why do they use it? And what exactly do they use it for? This video shows you why small businesses use Float and how it could benefit your business too. What is Float? Float […]

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How Important Is Cash Flow For A Start-Up Business?

Starting a new business is an exciting time. It’s also an extremely busy time, when you have to make important decisions under pressure – decisions that could impact the future success of your start-up business. Understanding your business’s cash flow is essential to guiding your decision-making. There are three important questions we believe every start-up […]

How Can I See Where We’re Overspending?

Overspending can cause serious problems for a small business. Too much cash going out and not enough cash coming in can spell disaster for a business’s cash flow. And, in the current climate, keeping tabs on overspending in your company has become more important than ever. Because no one quite knows what’s around the corner… […]

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12 Ways To Boost Cash Flow

Being a small business owner can be a tricky business, and unless your company is swimming in free cash, you might need to find ways to boost your cash flow. Does it seem like there’s always money going out of your business before there’s money coming in? If that sounds familiar, you’re going to need […]

Understanding Short Term vs Long Term Cash Forecasting

How much thought have you given to short term or long term cash flow forecasting recently? Most business owners know they should have a cash flow projection. But with the pressures of getting a business back up and running as lockdowns ease, prioritising cash flow is easier said than done. However, with Xero recently reporting […]

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5 Steps To Successful Budgeting And Forecasting

Most business owners know they should be budgeting and forecasting as part of the financial plan for their company. However, short term priorities and the day-to-day pressures of running a business can often distract from this important task. We’re here to help, so read on to learn the five most important steps to successful budgeting […]

The Best Xero Add Ons For Your Business

We have searched high and low for the best Xero add ons on the Xero marketplace, so that you don’t have to. These add ons are available for any type of business, with solutions from time-tracking software to cash flow forecasting. With more than 700 (and counting!) Xero add ons available for businesses and their […]

seasonal business

How Cash Flow Impacts Seasonal Business

Running a seasonal business can mean dealing with the peaks and troughs of fluctuating cash flow. However, additional insight into your financial systems can give you the control and foresight you need to properly plan for times of drought, and times of excess. Know your peak and off-seasons Xero’s research into small businesses found that […]

business advisory

What’s The Deal With Business Advisory Accounting?

Changes to accounting and business advisory services are more than just water-cooler chat. In fact, the industry is abuzz with firms that are adapting their client offering to include value-add services as technology is making previously lucrative services obsolete. We want to make it as easy as possible for accountants that use (and love!) Float […]

Automated vs Manual Data Entry – How to Make an Informed Choice

Invoice and receipt data entry is arguably one of the most time-consuming and costly business processes. Making sure data entry is as efficient as possible is crucial to optimising bookkeeping workflows, especially for companies who handle a large volume of documents. Why companies need bookkeeping data entry services Today, companies produce and receive a high […]

freeagent integrations

The 5 Best FreeAgent Integrations for Your Agency

Running an agency can be a tough job. But thanks to the emergence of new solutions in the FreeAgent eco-system, it just got that little bit easier. If you’re familiar with the FreeAgent platform then you’ll know there are quite a few apps to choose from. But who has time to sift through all of […]

how to use xero

How To Use Xero in 13 Easy Steps

Xero is an online accounting software designed for small businesses. If you’re new to Xero, then this guide to getting started should help you quickly get up and running. Here are 13 steps to get you started using Xero to get a better handle on your finances. 1.Watch the ‘Xero Dashboard’ video The first step […]

Xero add ons business funding

The Best Xero Add Ons for Business Funding

Whether you’re trying to bridge a cash gap or secure funding to grow your business, the Xero marketplace offers a suite of apps that can help. From add ons that help you to secure funding to ones that help you manage it, there’s something to help you every step of the way. Because of local […]

How Dog and Pony Studios are using Float

Chris Davies, the owner of Toronto-based creative agency Dog and Pony Studios, started using Float in 2013 and now describes it as an invisible member of the team. How did Float become such an integral part of the business? Dog and Pony Studios were successful: offices opened in Rio de Janeiro and Barcelona, new clients […]

An Introduction to Working Capital Management

Being an ex-banker looking after small businesses, and now a small business owner myself I have seen working capital management from both sides. Not so long ago, if your bank turned you down for an overdraft, that was the end of the matter – there was nowhere else to go short of friends and family. […]

Why Cost Reports are Crucial for Construction & Design

Cost reports can be fun. Everyone likes to see the profits their hard work is bringing in, or plan where to allocate future funds for company growth. The optimism and promise of a new report – whether it’s monthly, annually, or yearly – is very exciting, and it’s a strong indication of your company’s current […]

How to Approach Your Bank for Funding

Applying for funding from a bank can be daunting. It’s a lengthy process which involves jumping through hoop after hoop with no guarantee of success. But it doesn’t have to be that way, follow our guide to ensure you go into the loan process with the correct information and watch your chances of approval soar. […]

successful marketing

8 Tips For Launching a Successful Marketing Campaign

Not sure how to build a successful marketing campaign? We’ve all been there. Unfortunately, marketing isn’t simply throwing words on a page and hoping for the best. It’s a little more complex, and all the more fun for it. So here are our top 8 tips on how to credit a successful marketing campaign – […]

Float cash flow overview screen

6 Business Villains and their Evil Ways

In light of the Philip Green pension scandal at BHS, we thought we’d take the opportunity to educate you on some of the most notorious business villains. From revealing industry secrets to mistresses to throwing lavish parties funded by fraudulent loans, these anti heroes have committed some of most lucrative and luxurious (and rash) crimes ever recorded. […]

5 Most Common Reasons Businesses Seek Funding

Businesses need finance for a variety of different purposes, but there are some common reasons why businesses apply for funding. Reasons can include business grants and loans for working capital, to buy machinery, to hire more staff, or even re-finance existing loans to reduce monthly costs. A British Business Bank Survey published in 2019 found […]

What Types of Traditional Finance Are Available and When Should You Use Them?

Whether you are looking for traditional or alternative financing for your business, you could be overwhelmed with your options. Luckily we are here to put the fun into funding and the rad into traditional finance. So here is a quick breakdown of the types of finance available and when to use them. Investment finance (also […]

Float visual cash flow view

The 5 Best QuickBooks Online Apps

Using QuickBooks Online means so much more than just accessing your accounts from anywhere, anytime. It also opens up an unlimited world of possibilities thanks to the app store, which boasts hundreds of QuickBooks apps all designed to help you customise an integrated package to fit your business’s needs. With so much choice it’s easy […]

How Receipt Bank Will Make Your Business More Productive

Hands up if you recognise the process of; receiving an invoice, getting it to your bookkeeper, making sure it’s entered into your accounts, filing the invoice and then storing it for several years… And hands up if you think this is a bit tedious… Well good news! It doesn’t have to be that way! Because […]

Top Pranks To Play On Your Boss

April Fool’s Day is fast approaching, and you’ve been itching to get your prank on, but who can you trick with no chance of repercussions? Thats right, your boss. So read on my friend, we’ve got you covered. Here are our top April Fools 2016 pranks for the professional world. Cover their desk with pictures […]