ria jaine lincoln accountant

Meet The Accountant Who’s Helping The Beauty Industry Manage Cash Flow In A Crisis

If you’d walked into Ria-Jaine Lincoln’s home several years ago, you would have found yourself surrounded by tin cans. Tin cans on every windowsill. Inside the cans were pound coins – these were the kind of tin cans with a hole in the top which you could put money into, but could only take back […]

xero cash flow pilot

Business Snapshot: Xero’s New Cash Flow Pilot

Back in 2019, on the first day of Xerocon Brisbane, Chief Product & Partner Officer and all-round Xero rockstar, Anna Curzon, announced the arrival of Xero’s new cash flow pilot. Now, Business Snapshot has officially launched and offers Xero users “a dashboard-style report displaying performance measures to help you understand your organisation’s financial position”. This […]

How to Price Float For Your Clients

Deciding how to build app advisory into your services can be a real struggle. Finding a price point and format that works for both you and your clients involves striking a delicate balance. We’ve spoken with our partner accounting and bookkeeping firms, and these are ways our current partners are charging for Float: 1. Include […]

4 Ways To Help Your Clients With A Cash Surplus

The internet is full of advice for small business owners on what to do when facing a cash shortage. But there’s very little content on how to manage a cash surplus. So as an accountant and advisor, how can you help your clients that don’t make the most of the cash available to them? What […]

how to use xero

How To Use Xero in 13 Easy Steps

Xero is an online accounting software designed for small businesses. If you’re new to Xero, then this guide to getting started should help you quickly get up and running. Here are 13 steps to get you started using Xero to get a better handle on your finances. 1.Watch the ‘Xero Dashboard’ video The first step […]