Why do we exist?

Float was born out of the need to know the impact of decisions on my agency so I could plan ahead and steer the ship.


Here at Float, we’re well over a decade in, it’s been quite the adventure. But let me tell you how it all began!

Fresh out of university my friend Jules and I started the agency IfLooksCouldKill. We were following the dream of carving out our own path. Energising and creative work, freedom to work on what we wanted, and the hope of building something that would make an impact on the world. We never expected it to be easy, but the stresses that come in many forms, in the early days of running an agency almost broke me at times.

One epiphany I had during that time, was that I needed to get better at developing systems to help run the business, to free me up to step back operationally, not just to be able to take a break when I needed one, but to allow the business to grow.

Like many, I ended up building spreadsheets, to run things like our sales pipeline and our financial model. This was great at first, and I love a good spreadsheet as much as the next guy, but they are so fragile, easy to break and difficult for others to understand.

What I gained however from building that spreadsheet was clarity and a feeling of control that I hadn’t had before. Knowing exactly what the situation would be if we won or lost a project helped me sleep at night.

As we head into the strange new waters of bank failures and financial downturns, what’s needed is a clear map of the future. That’s beyond your sales pipeline and your accounting software, it’s the combination of those things, controlling your costs as you grow, and being able to accelerate as the opportunities arise.

Our job at Float is to make running the numbers on your business clear and fast. We feel like we’re just scratching the surface of what’s possible.


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