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Float gives us a feeling of reassurance, notice and foresight. We went from tracking our cash month to month to seeing 2 years into the future. If you want a financial crystal ball, Float would be it!”

Graeme Leighfield, Managing Director,
GEL Studios (creative agency)

What do you use Float for?

“Having the numbers in a spreadsheet is one thing but using Float’s cash flow graph, and being able to switch between scenarios in Float when I communicate with the team set some real light bulb moments.

Looking at the graph with my team, I can explain why we need to start a marketing push now because it takes three months to convert leads. So it makes me look like I know what I am doing as well!”

What’s your biggest challenge?

“As an agency owner, I often have to ask ‘Are we working with the right people on the right things?’.

I go into Float at least once or twice per week, especially when we are negotiating a deal, Float lets us understand our position to negotiate by seeing the deals we have on the table and how our cash flow will look so we can decide which one to take on or if we can afford to leave a deal out.

With Float, I can update a scenario and see the impact of my decisions in seconds. ”

How does Float help you?

“We believe in Inspiring change, through creativity. We give back to local good causes in the form of pro-bono projects. But, if I want to make a positive impact on our society, I need to keep a close eye on the numbers.

Float plays a key part by giving us visibility and clarity of our cash so we know we have the capacity to take on more pro-bono projects and know where our efforts should be spent to make the most impact.”

My agency has grown so it’s even more important to have a good handle of cash. Float is a crucial tool for any major decisions. Without Float, we’d be stabbing in the dark.

Matt Scaysbrook, Founder,
WeTeachCRO (CRO agency)

What do you use Float for?

“ 1. Tracking cash – Float helps us understand whether our cash is going up or down over time. We plug our revenue targets and rough costs into Float to see if there are any sticky points.

2. Scenario planning – A new hire might be 30k or 50k. We use Float to understand our upper and lower bounds and see if the business can handle it.

3. Warning system – If our payroll is likely to take us into overdraft then we’ll know ahead of time – and we can move money around to stop this from happening. This provides reassurance – especially given the turbulence of the last several years.

What’s your biggest challenge?

“Our business grew – and so did both the number and size of our transactions.

We could calculate totals, but we needed to know our cash position on any given day – not just the start or end of the month.”

How does Float help you?

“Float gives us clarity. No one likes to be in a tricky financial position, but it’s far better to know in advance, so we can spot any issues and take action to plug a gap. Without Float, these tasks would be a time-consuming pen-and-paper job.”

Float has given us the confidence to make decisions. We’re no longer afraid to think strategically or invest in our growth.

Gordon McLachlan, Managing Partner,
Primate (digital agency)

What do you use Float for?

“We’ve used Float for a long time. When I started my business I was told ‘cash is king’ – so ‘manage cash’ was ingrained since day one.

I’m our company’s primary Float user and I don’t have a financial background. I oversee our finances, management and running of the business – and I make sure that everyone gets paid.

I also use Float in our board meetings. Float’s forecast shows them projected income over the next few months. Our target is to always have three months of cash in the bank. However, this can drop and Float shows us where we are against that metric so we can check and make decisions accordingly.”

What’s your biggest challenge?

“Most of our work is project-based. We might have some retainer work, but most of our income is project-by-project – which can be a bumpy ride.

We don’t have a steady income. We might win a lot of projects in a short period, or not have any for a while – which is when we get nervous.”

How does Float help you?

“I didn’t use Float because of a pain point so much as an awareness that if we run out of cash then the music stops.

Float enables us to make good decisions that protect and secure our business. We get an early warning if there are any cashflow issues – so we can take action.

Thanks to Float, we can plan ahead, work out when we have money coming and balance it out.”

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