Ever wondered how to start a digital agency?

Travelling the world and working with top-class creatives are just two of the reasons Andrew Dobbie loves agency life.

From his early days as a freelance designer to founding Glasgow-based creative brand agency MadeBrave, Andrew has shared some brilliant insights with us on how to grow a successful digital agency.

Watch the video to find out why Andrew believes it’s essential to ask for help in the early stages of starting a business, and how he dealt with the practical and mental challenges of scaling up a business.

Andrew also shares the three things he wishes he knew at the very start, including why understanding your ‘kryptonite’ makes you stronger, and how you can build your team around this.

Building a sustainable agency with good cash flow and good people

While Andrew admits the early days of starting an agency can be chaotic and even scrappy, he knew it was important to get a handle on his company’s cash flow early on. Agency cash flow can be variable, which is why building up cash reserves at the start can set your agency up for the future.

You’ll hear Andrew’s thoughts on how the culture they’ve adopted at MadeBrave builds a more sustainable business too. By looking after their people, they’re better at looking after their clients, and as a result the business looks after itself.

Great storytelling is at the heart of everything MadeBrave does, so watch the video to listen to the story of growing a successful digital agency.

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