Grow your architecture practice and predict your cash flow

Take control of complex engineering, architecture and construction projects in Float – so you can track cash, spot dangers in advance and build a sustainable firm.

  • Connect Float to Xero or Quickbooks in three minutes.

  • Model costs for any complex architecture, engineering and construction projects with a visual forecast.

  • Account for unexpected costs – changes, rework, materials and fines.
  • Set a safety net to ensure that your practice will never run out of cash.

14 day trial – no credit card required.


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As architects, it’s incredible to see our cash flow and the latest data from Xero in a visual forecast. Float is constantly improving and their developers are always open to feedback.”

Andy Matthews
Director, Andy Matthews Studio


Architecture practices love Float


Cash Flow Problems

Most architecture and engineering firms fail due to poor cash flow

75% of firms fail fast

1000 architecture firms launch each year. Three-quarters will fail within three years – mainly due to insufficient cash.

Quotes are complex

Architecture and engineering projects are complex. Inaccurate quotes can cost thousands of dollars.

Projects always change

Projects slip and get rescheduled. Goal posts move and regulatory environments cause unexpected issues.


Protect your construction practice with a safety net

Defend your cash flow. Set a healthy cash reserve and track your firm’s ‘death date’ – so you can anticipate and avoid any project issues that might threaten your safety net.

Use your visual forecast to plan engineering, architecture and construction projects – with a confidence score to indicate if your data’s trustworthy

Get proactive warnings ahead of any cash flow issue – like a fine or unexpected project costs that could push your firm into its safety net.

Spreadsheets can’t connect to our accounting software – but Float can. Now our architecture studio can make informed finance and growth decisions, navigate quieter periods – and also manage ballooning workloads.”

Ioannis Kanakakis,
Principal Architect, woda_studio

Visualise complex cash flows and plan the future of your practice

Manage your cash flow. Add and combine any potential architectural projects or scenarios to explore their impact on your visual forecast – and business health.

Add each project to your visual forecast and explore its impact on your cash flow.

Add any scenario – from consulting and materials to rework and unexpected fines.

Toggle scenarios on and off for each project to build models that reflect the ‘best’ and ‘worst’ outcomes.

Float works so well with Xero. It’s intuitive and gives us a much better picture of our cash position – not just our invoices.”

Cathy Watkins,
Practice Manager, Resident Architects

Scale your firm faster – with no cash flow spreadsheets

Lead your firm. Float offers strategic visibility over your entire cash flow pipeline for construction, architecture and engineering projects – in one visual dashboard.

Explore the impact of granular issues – like changes in material costs, consulting fees and contractor rates – for a clear view of your firm’s upcoming revenue.

Win and plan complex construction, architecture and engineering projects, manage your cash flow sustainably and build a successful firm.

Save hours every week – with no more clunky, inflexible and outdated spreadsheets.

Float’s an essential business planning tool for our architecture practice. We’re on the edge of sustainable design – and Float enables us to forecast, plan and scale with clarity.”

Matt Hayes,
Director, Arbor Architects



Try Float for free – and take command of your architecture practice

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Connect to Float

It takes just three minutes to connect your accounting platform to Float and see your first visual forecast.

Run a visual forecast

You can start creating scenarios and planning projects to answer crucial ‘What if?’ questions like “Can I take on a new hire?” or “What happens if I lose this client?”

Reach out for support

You don’t need any expertise to use Float but if you do need help, our friendly support team are one click away to give you the support you need.