Short-Term Cash Flow Management

Fast, short-term cashflow forecasts for fractional CFOs

Give your clients cash flow visibility – in minutes rather than hours. You can now build an accurate 13-week short-term cash flow, flag problems ahead of time, and empower your clients to make faster decisions.

14 day trial – no credit card required.


Better Cash flow management

Fractional CFOs are providing cash visibility to their clients with Float.

Cash is king

Your client’s business always has a ‘death date’ – when it will run out of cash – that you need to track and avoid.

Spreadsheets suck

Your clients need instant insights – not clunky spreadsheets with painful imports, errors and outdated data.

Plans change

Lost projects. Unexpected bills. Anything can happen – so your clients needs a flexible plan.

Short term cashflow is at the heart of any financial advisory role. There is no point in a 3 year forecast if you can’t meet the payroll next month!”

Chris Ortega
CEO, Fresh FP&A
Accurate Cash Flow

Real-time insights with less work.

Spreadsheets require manual entry & become quickly outdated. Float integrates with your existing accountancy stack to provide short-term cash flow in real time.

Faster Decisions

Let your clients see the impact of their decisions. Instantly.

Whether it’s a new hire, a company bonus, or paying a large invoice — Float enables fCFOs to educate their clients on the impact of their decisions with speed and accuracy.

Powerful Visualisation

Scale your consulting business faster – with no cash flow spreadsheets

Access the granular data you need with our 13-week short-term cash flow tool, which will help you manage cash better.


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When we show people how easy it is to manipulate a cash flow forecast in Float, it’s much easier to sell our Virtual CFO package, which is boosting our revenue. We have also found our clients are more relaxed and happy with the future direction of their business since using Float.”

Simon Kallu
CEO, Growfactor


Fractional CFOs love cash visbility Float



Ready to see Float in action?

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Connect to Float

It takes just three minutes to connect your accounting platform to Float and see your first visual forecast.

Run a visual forecast

You can start creating scenarios and planning projects to answer crucial ‘What if?’ questions like “Can I take on a new hire?” or “What happens if I lose this client?”

Reach out for support

You don’t need any expertise to use Float but if you do need help, our friendly support team are one click away to give you the support you need.