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Xero’s most popular cash flow forecasting software

Float is an easy-to-use online cash flow management and forecasting tool that seamlessly integrates with your Xero account. Use Float to get real-time visibility of your business’s cash status and flow, and make important decisions based on accurate financial data to help your business grow.

Float cash flow for Xero automatically syncs with Xero to keep your forecast up-to-date with a live, rolling picture of your cash. Which means you can spend more time planning for the future and less time worrying about your finances.

How will Float help you?

Xero vs. Float

FeaturesXeroXero Analytics PlusFloat
Include and exclude bank accounts
Cash flow projection length30 Days90 Days3 Years
Change expected dates on invoices & bills
Budget suggestions based on past data
Budget vs actuals reporting
See impact of invoices & bills not being paid
Budgets connected to actuals to prevent double counting
Scenario planning
Ability to compare 2+ scenarios
Highly flexible budget setting & repetition options
List all transactions, budgets, invoices & bills by day
Ability to set a cash threshold
Group accounts together

Float frees us to focus on sales and growing our business – it eliminates a lot of the manual work, spreadsheets and number-crunching.

David Taplin
Director, Boostbery

Get clear visibility of the future

Float’s visual interface makes your data easier to understand, whether you have a financial background or not. Easily see what your future cash position looks like, and whether you need to make changes to avoid a dip in cash.

Understand your budget vs. actuals

Track your incoming and outgoing transactions, bills and invoices and see how they compare to your predictions, either overall or by accounting category. This means you can make informed decisions about spending and income real-time, rather than after month-end.

Connect your Xero data to Float

If you’re forecasting in spreadsheets right now, you’ll free up hours or even days every week thanks to the daily import of data from Xero. Float’s connection to Xero is one-way and read-only, so Float cannot and will not ever change anything in your Xero account.

Scenario plan to understand your future cash

Easily create scenarios to model different hypothetical cash outcomes to see how they compare to your base forecast. Thinking of making a hire, or want to see if you can afford to lose that client? Find out if your plans are feasible with a few simple clicks.

Connect your Xero data to Import invoices and bills

Float automatically imports all bills and invoices from Xero to ‘fill up’ and compare to your predictions. Easily see all unpaid invoices and bills, and update when you think they’ll realistically get paid, keeping your forecast as accurate as possible.

Float makes Xero budgeting and forecasting easy.

Float’s a crucial gate for any major decision. My agency’s grown and handles bigger transactions, so it’s even more important that we have a good handle on cash. Without Float we’d just be stabbing in the dark.

Matt Scaysbrook,
Founder, WeTeachCRO
How does Float work with Xero?

Setup is simple. Connect Float to Xero, set your budgets, and let Float do the heavy lifting to keep it up to date with your bills, invoices, and actuals. Float reads the expected payment dates on your bills and invoices, using those dates to project when cash will move in and out of your business. Once that money moves and you’ve reconciled your transactions in Xero, your cash flow forecast is updated with actuals. Remember, our support team are always on hand to help you understand how to do a cash flow budget.

Float automatically imports your Xero data every 24 hours, updating forecasts with payments that are due and ones you’ve paid. You can also trigger the import automatically if you know that Xero has just been updated, or if you just feel like it.

Can you do cash flow in Xero?

Xero has a basic cash flow forecasting tool, but if you want to create a forecast that’s going to empower you to make business decisions, you need to go with a tool like Float to get a more detailed picture. From scenario planning to exportable insights, Float gives you a real-time, granular view of your cash position and future.

Can you help me get started with Xero?

If you’re new to Xero, our article on how to get started with Xero will help you get started using the software. Remember, our friendly support team is always on hand to help out too.

Are there other Xero add ons I should use?

There are so many Xero add ons and apps it can be hard to work out which ones to use. Luckily, we’ve done the hard work for you – read our article on top Xero add ons for your business and discover the latest Xero connected apps.

How do I prepare a cash flow statement?

You can prepare a Xero cash flow statement, however Float can offer you a far more detailed view of how the money flows in and out of your account.

Float is intuitive to use, but if you’d like a little extra guidance in setting up your cash flow statement, you can reach out to our friendly support team who are on hand to help.


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