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Real-time data direct from source

Float replaces brittle cash flow spreadsheets with one simple tool that gives you control over your cash flow.

Connect your Xero, Quickbooks Online, or FreeAgent for real-time visibility of all financial data. Accounting data syncs with Float automatically ensuring your visual forecast is always up-to-date.

Float frees us to focus on sales and growing our business – it eliminates a lot of the manual work, spreadsheets and number-crunching.”

David Taplin,
Director, Boostbery

Float Projects: see the cash impact of projects.

Toggle your sales pipeline on and off to create instant visual forecasts that will help you to think strategically, present winning arguments…and decide with confidence.

Capturing project cash flow helps you to spot cash gaps that might have been hidden within your company’s cash flow.

Float plays a key part by giving us visibility and clarity of our cash so we know we have the capacity to take on more pro-bono projects and know where our efforts should be spent to make the most impact.”

Graeme Leighfield,
Managing Director, GEL Studios

Set custom cash thresholds to avoid the ‘death date’

Set a minimum cash threshold so you can spot when you drop below and start planning to manage your cash or build out your pipeline.

See the date when your cash drops below the threshold and proactively seek new opportunities to sustain business growth.

Float allows us to view our cash flow in real-time. It is probably the most valuable tool we have for running our business.”

Ryan Plester,
Owner & Principal Consultant, White Room Automation

Forecast Confidence: spreadsheets just got dumb.

To make confident decisions, you need reliable insights. Your ‘Forecast confidence’ score is the key to understanding when to make decisions or hold off.

Have the confidence and visibility to make bold decisions like hiring a new employee or taking on more projects.

Float has given us the confidence to make decisions. We’re no longer afraid to think strategically or invest in our growth.”

Gordon McLachlan,
Managing Partner, Primate

Work out the true cost of hiring

Take factors beyond salaries into your hiring decisions and understand their long-term impact.

Add ongoing and one-off costs to find the real annual cost for a new staff member.

Float has become an indispensable tool in our financial planning, ensuring that we maintain financial stability and achieve our business objectives effectively.”

Shakira Floyd,
Director, Satori

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