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How To Get A New Free Trial

Has your trial run out and you’ve not been able to fully explore Float? Or maybe you’ve been away for a while and you’d like to give Float another go? Whatever your reasons are, we are here to help. Currently, there are 3 ways to get another free trial, here they are!

Method 1

Log into your current account, drop support a message through the chat icon at the bottom right, and simply ask to restart your trial. This is probably the easiest method as you won’t lose any data and can pick up exactly where you left off.



Method 2

Log into your current account, click “Add a company” and re-import your chart of accounts. This will reset all of your budgets and scenarios so if you’d like to start with a blank page then this is the choice for you.

To reset your trial


Method 3

free trial

Go back to the Float homepage and click ‘start your free trial’. This will allow you to set up a completely new account BUT you will have to use a different email address.

If you have any questions drop support ( a message and we will talk you through it, anything from the steps to go through or advice on which option is best for you, we are here to help!

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