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How to Give Clients More Control Over Their Business

For so long, cash flow management and forecasting has been something that is considered the remit of accountants and bookkeepers. 

But with the advent of Cloud-based tools, it’s become easier than ever to get to grips with forecasting your cash – even without an accounting degree. 

cash flow management

Confidence in finances

Historically, the only way to build a cash flow forecast was in a spreadsheet. Knowledge of formulae was a plus. Time on your side, a bonus. And patience, oh so much more than a virtue.

But Cloud accounting offers a remedy to the old ills of error-ridden, complicated, “oh-Karen-built-that-I’m-not-sure-where-she-got-that-number-from” spreadsheets. 

With “advisory” no longer a buzzword for many accountants, and instead a reality, Cloud-based software has encouraged a new way of working. 


Benefits of the Cloud

Accessible anywhere and everywhere, it’s obvious what’s so appealing about the Cloud. 

But it’s not just ease of access that’s encouraged more and more accounting firms to climb aboard the Cloud. In fact, we’ve listed the kickass benefits of the Cloud here. 

It’s the promise of collaboration and the ability to share financial information easily and safely with clients that’s really pushed the financial world to embrace the Cloud. 

With clients able to access the same information as their accountant, business owners are able to be savvier with their finances. And in that way, have deeper and more actionable conversations with their financial advisors. 

But how to get clients engaged with the Cloud?

Well, we may be biased but proactive cash flow management is a great way to start. 

Of course, it varies, but most financial advisors deal with the bookkeeping side of the business. And that may not necessarily be where you’d want your client. 

But cash flow forecasting – particularly if using a Cloud-based tool – can be a great place to get their input and engagement. 

With the ability to see the impact of their decisions on their finances, it can open up your clients to seeking more active advice from you, and in this way, using your advisory services.


How Float gives your clients more control

Float lives and breathes in the Cloud. 

Using real-time financial data pulled daily from the accounting software, Float creates a visual and accurate forecast for you, and your clients. 

By providing an easy-to-use cash flow forecast, Float becomes a platform across which to streamline your advisory services. 

Bridging the gap between your knowledge, and your clients’ need, Float can be used to streamline your advisory conversations and encourage deeper, actionable conversations. 

Float isn’t just a forecast – it’s also a powerful tool for cash flow management.

Float partner and Xero award-winner, Angus Olgivie of Generate Accounting uses Float to do just that.


How Generate use Float to give their clients control

Angus, for one client in particular, Shelly Davies, was able to plan ahead in order to avoid an impending bump in the road. Shelly credits Float, and Angus, as saving her life (and a whole lot of stress). 

And for that, we couldn’t be prouder. 

But the credit really is due to Angus for giving the control back to Shelly in allowing her to access her forecast to finally understand her numbers. And in understanding, Shelly could get to grips with her cash flow management and therefore gained more control over her business. 

Leveraging his knowledge as an accountant, and Shelly’s need as a business owner, they were able to work out a strategy to get her through the leaner months.

By giving Shelly the ability to see the future of her cash flow, Angus gave her back control. 


Want to find out how Float can help to give your clients more control of their finances? Sign up for your free licence today! 

Catriona Bane

Marketing Executive with a passion for helping small business owners get to grips with their cash flow.