April Fool’s Day is fast approaching, and you’ve been itching to get your prank on, but who can you trick with no chance of repercussions? Thats right, your boss. So read on my friend, we’ve got you covered.

Here are our top April Fools 2016 pranks for the professional world.

Cover their desk with pictures of themselves

Shout out to all the egomaniacs out there. A bit bizarre but ultimately a classic. You could probably expect a reaction like “..thanks”. As you walk away proud in the knowledge that you’ve spent £200 on printer ink to feel somewhat underwhelmed. Worth it? Worth it.

Flip their screen

Hilarious! Comedy gold! Genius! Yes these are all words but don’t expect to hear them for a while thanks to this golden oldie. But you do get to sit back and watch them sit with their head at a 90 degree angle while they google how to change it back to normal.

Cloud to butt

If your company works with cloud technologies (and you’re secretly 8 years old) check out this funky Google Chrome plugin. No matter where you are on the internet, it changes the words ‘cloud’ to ‘butt’ and ‘the cloud’ to ‘my butt.’ Classic.

Glitter bomb, yo

Fill your boss’s pen lids with glitter. For this to work you need to really jam the lid on so they struggle to get it off. Then boom: instant disco, instant disgruntled boss. This is funnier the more times you do it, and could result in you working in a completely paperless (and penless) office, which is environmentally friendly. You’re welcome planet.

Cage against the machine

Remember when people used to ‘cage’ each other with printed copies of Nicholas Cage’s face? Well now you can take ‘caging’ to the next level all the way across the internet with a simple chrome extension. It’s called NCage and it will turn every photo on the internet into a photo of Nicolas Cage. He’s always there. Watching. Waiting.

Mouse traps

If your boss is a bit behind and still uses a mouse with a ball in it, take that ball and make them think about their choices. They’ll thank you later. Plus now you have a cool ball to play with. Variations of this can include covering the sensor on their mouse with tape or swapping their wireless receiver with one you control.

Cress any key to continue

Buy a cheap keyboard and plant cress seeds in it, then wait one week until they’ve sprouted before swapping it with your boss’s regular keyboard. Keyboard: £5, Cress seeds: £1, giving your boss the gift of a desk garden: Priceless.

pranks to play on your boss


Alternatively, if you are on a bit of a power trip and would like to prank the poor unsuspecting intern then consider sending them out for some tartan paint or getting them to go ask another department for a long weight. You aren’t paying them in money but they won’t mind as long as you pay them in laughs. Disclaimer: the courts may disagree.