At Float, we know how important it is for your clients to be in a good cash position. So we spoke to some of our partners and found out more about how you work with your clients, what information is most important to you, and what you’d like to see in Float to help clients get to a good cash flow position.

As a result of that research, we’ve created our new Partner Dashboard!

Float partner dashboard

This dashboard will give you an essential and immediate insight into the status of your clients’ businesses.

In our new Partner Dashboard you will see:

  • The current cash balance for each client

The current cash balance is the total of the reconciled transactions from your clients’ accounting software. Seeing this figure will allow you to see how much cash they have to play with at any particular time.


  • Unreconciled transactions in Xero

If you’re a Xero user, this segment will allow you to see the total amount of transactions in Xero that still need to be reconciled in order to be shown in Float.


  • Which clients have bills and invoices that are past their expected date

Every business owner will sometimes experience the pain of late payers or the fear of an unpaid bill. With immediate insight into which client has unpaid bills or invoices, you can help your clients to get paid on time, or help to cover the gap in between.


  • Sort the client list by any of the columns (e.g. which client has the lowest balance?)

Do you know that you have a client you need to keep an eye on? Would you prefer to have your clients alphabetised? Simply click on each column heading and Float will rearrange them for you – making your dashboard easier for you to manage.


  • Easily see your current subscription, and how many licences you’re using

We want you to make the most out of your subscription. So whether you have two clients, twenty clients, or two hundred clients, we want to let you know how much that’s costing you and how many clients you need to add to get the most out of your plan.


  • See when your client’s company was last accessed, and by which user

We often hear that partners don’t know when the data in Float was last updated by their clients, or that they simply have no idea how engaged their clients are with their numbers. So we’ve added a way for you to see when Float was last accessed by your clients, allowing you to get a better understanding of how engaged they are.

So let us know what you think about our new Partner Dashboard!

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