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Cash flow forecasting & scenario planning for advisors

Insightful cash flow forecasting and scenario planning that gives you and your clients an actionable, easy-to-understand picture of their business’s future.

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Emma Fox, Fresh Financials

How Float can help your practice

Guesswork is for detective novels and crime dramas. Help your clients avoid the mystery by giving them accurate, real-time forecasts and information that makes their cash position less cryptic and more straightforward. Use Float’s accounting forecasting software for accountants and bookkeepers to free up your time and give your clients peace of mind.

You’ll be able to give them insight that helps their businesses thrive while becoming a more valued advisor. Magnifying glass and trench coat not included.

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Be proactive and build better relationships with your clients

Businesses are increasingly looking to their accountants for advice. Capitalise on that opportunity by giving them an accurate, real-time view of their cash position so they can better understand their business.

Use Float to encourage more proactive conversations, develop trusting relationships with your clients, and keep them coming back for more.

Save time (and make more profit)

Creating cash flow forecasts and building reliable ‘what if’ scenarios for your clients is a time-consuming thing to do manually.

Skip the manual part. Use Float to save hours on every forecast and offer forecasting as a more affordable service to your clients. They get a clear, accurate view of their business, and you get to offer a new service (and make money doing it).

Stand out from the crowd

According to Xero, 52% of accounting firms want to offer advisory services, but only 11% do. And practices that provide advisory services using apps like Float grow revenue 60% faster than those who don’t. Now that’s a stat that’s hard to ignore.

Float helps you set your firm apart from the competition by offering meaningful, accessible cash flow insight.

Offer insightful reports

An important part of any client-accountant relationship is giving them valuable insights and reports.

Float provides PDF or CSV reports covering:

  • Future cash flow graphs and tables
  • Budget vs Actuals
  • Scenario comparison
  • Over or under-spending

Give your clients more control and value

Float is so insightful and easy to use that your clients don’t need to be a financial whiz to get value from it.

Clients will be more engaged in their business’s numbers if they understand them, and they’ll feel more in control and able to make decisions about the future of their business.

Serve your clients better and give them cash flow they will love

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How Emma Fox Uses Float to Enhance Her Advisory Services

Check out how Emma Fox of award-winning bookkeeping firm, Fresh Financials, uses Float to enhance her advisory offering to her clients. Read more

"Float is remarkable. It saves so much time over a spreadsheet it's a no brainer for our clients."

Simon Kallu


"Looking at Float with our clients is a huge additional benefit to using our advisory services - it gives them a better understanding and helps to frame our conversations."

Andrew Van De Beek


"Float provides a crystal clear window into how the cash is moving in the business. It sheds light on any data flow inadequacies there are with Xero and is an invaluable tool for cash flow management!"

Patrick Leavy

Farnell Clarke

Accounting Excellence Awards

Best Forecasting, Planning & Analysis Tool – 2017 & 2019

Best FinTech Product or Service

UK Cloud Awards 2019

Cash Flow Forecasting Software

ICB Luca Awards 2018

Xero Emerging Add On of the Year

Xerocon 2014