Float’s 4-week Cash Flow Challenge: Achieve your financial goals in 2024 – Week 1

Set intentions Challenge 1 Exercise: Set aside 15 minutes to reflect on 2023 and set an intention for why you want to start this challenge. Time required: ~ 15 mins Prompts: Questions for reflection:1. How did my business perform financially in 2023, and what were the significant contributing factors to its success or challenges?2. What […]

Float’s 4-week cash flow challenge: Achieve your 2024 financial goals!

A weekly challenge featuring 3-5 easy-to-follow exercises that you can commit to, setting up 2024 for success! What topics will this challenge cover? 🎯 Setting intentions & goals (including reflective exercises) 🤓 Understanding cash flow essentials & practical tips 🎬 Taking actionable steps to gain better insight into your business’s financial position 💪 Cementing these […]

Top Tips For Business Goal Setting In 2024

Are you setting New Year’s resolutions? No, we’re not talking about hitting the gym or eating out less. We mean setting business goals and objectives. Coming into the new year, it’s the perfect time to set some goals – both realistic and aspirational – for your business to work towards. Why set business goals? In […]

Avoid your business ‘death date’ with a cash flow forecast

Most business owners will know the term ‘cash runway’—it’s basically how long your business can stay afloat without needing more cash.  We recently spoke with some business owners who often refer to their cash runway as their ‘death date’ or ‘drop-dead rate.’ While this may sound scary and off-putting, identifying means you can take proactive […]

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Growing A Digital Agency With MadeBrave’s Andrew Dobbie

Ever wondered how to start a digital agency? Travelling the world and working with top-class creatives are just two of the reasons Andrew Dobbie loves agency life. From his early days as a freelance designer to founding Glasgow-based creative brand agency MadeBrave, Andrew has shared some brilliant insights with us on how to grow a […]