How Do I Calculate Inbound Cash Flow?

Getting a strong handle on how much cash is coming into your business is essential to making informed decisions for your business. Right now, it can be hard to predict what money is going to come into your business and when. The current situation is constantly changing and the uncertainty is inevitably causing many business […]

What Is Burn Rate?

As a new business owner, you know how delicately things must be balanced to ensure that you have enough cash in the company whilst you’re seeking new investment opportunities, growing your customer base and generally getting things off the ground. You may have some venture capital for your start-up and are worried about running out […]

Understanding Your Cash Runway

To help your business grow, it’s essential you understand your cash runway. But what is? And why is it so important? Read on to find out…

How To Prepare For A Funding Round

Most start-ups need to seek funding at some point – and many have to do it more than once. It can be a long and daunting process, but we’re here with everything you need to know when preparing for a round of funding to grow your business. We’ve written this article with businesses at the […]

Ewan Ogilvie Haddington

How A Bespoke Furniture Maker Carved Out 13 More Hours Per Week With Float

Ewan Ogilvie is no stranger to hard work. From his workshop in Fenton Barns – a tiny hamlet in East Lothian, Scotland – Ewan crafts bespoke furniture for businesses and private clients looking for something unique, original and beautifully made. “I was approaching 40 and I had always wanted to set up my own business,” […]

How To Use QuickBooks Online

If you run a small business, you’ve likely heard of QuickBooks Online, the smart accounting software that helps you keep on top of everything from taxes to payroll. But if you’re new to QuickBooks (or perhaps you’ve switched from QuickBooks desktop version), you might be wondering just how to use it. Don’t worry – we’ve […]

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How Important Is Cash Flow For A Start-Up Business?

Starting a new business is an exciting time. It’s also an extremely busy time, when you have to make important decisions under pressure – decisions that could impact the future success of your start-up business. Understanding your business’s cash flow is essential to guiding your decision-making. There are three important questions we believe every start-up […]

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7 Australian Accountancy Blogs We Love

Australian accounting blogs come in a range of shapes and sizes and cover a huge variety of different topics. From small business advice to detailed updates on legislation changes, there’s something for everyone. Here we round up some of our favourite Aussie accountancy bloggers, who are keeping Australia up to date on all kinds of […]

How Can I See Where We’re Overspending?

Overspending can cause serious problems for a small business. Too much cash going out and not enough cash coming in can spell disaster for a business’s cash flow. And, in the current climate, keeping tabs on overspending in your company has become more important than ever. Because no one quite knows what’s around the corner… […]

Understanding Short Term vs Long Term Cash Forecasting

How much thought have you given to short term or long term cash flow forecasting recently? Most business owners know they should have a cash flow projection. But with the pressures of getting a business back up and running as lockdowns ease, prioritising cash flow is easier said than done. However, with Xero recently reporting […]

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Meet The Accountant Who’s Helping The Beauty Industry Manage Cash Flow In A Crisis

If you’d walked into Ria-Jaine Lincoln’s home several years ago, you would have found yourself surrounded by tin cans. Tin cans on every windowsill. Inside the cans were pound coins – these were the kind of tin cans with a hole in the top which you could put money into, but could only take back […]

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5 Steps To Successful Budgeting And Forecasting

Most business owners know they should be budgeting and forecasting as part of the financial plan for their company. However, short term priorities and the day-to-day pressures of running a business can often distract from this important task. We’re here to help, so read on to learn the five most important steps to successful budgeting […]