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Why Is Cash Flow Important To A Small Business?

If you’ve got plans for your business, you’re going to need cash to make them happen. Dreaming big and running out of money isn’t a situation a small business wants to find itself in, which is why cash flow is critical to sustaining and growing a business. Time for some hard facts: it’s known that […]

What the heck does “Cash is King” even mean?  

To help your business grow, it’s essential you understand your cash runway. But what is? And why is it so important? Read on to find out…

Check Out The All New Float!

Sometimes as a company it’s frustrating not to be able to solve everyone’s problems 100% of the time. But there are also moments when we’re immensely proud of what we’re building as a team and excited about what it means for our customers. Over the past year we’ve been rebuilding Float from the ground up. […]

Float Doesn’t Integrate with My Accounting Software

If you’ve come to this page it looks like you have an accounting package that we don’t (yet) integrate with. At the moment, we only integrate with Xero, QuickBooks Online (QBO) and FreeAgent. Do you use something else? If you do, please fill in the form below. Here’s some further information that you might find […]