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Cash Flow Forecasting for Xero!

Visualise your bank balance next week, next month, next year and beyond.

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What is Float cash flow forecasting?

Float is forecasting software for business owners, finance departments and business advisors. We integrate seamlessly with Xero to give you an easy to use but powerful tool that provides an accurate view of your future bank balance.

Our Xero users are currently using Float to:

  • Create 'scenarios' to model short and long term cash flow
  • Track performance
  • Set budgets
  • Drill into transactions to get a granular view of incomings and outgoings

Best of all, because Float pulls real time data from Xero, we automatically update your actuals giving you a live, rolling forecast that never goes out of date. So you can sit back and relax.

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What will Float for Xero do for me?

We'll show you how you're doing

Float automatically imports your Xero data to show you exactly how much cash has actually moved in and out of your business, how much is due to move and how much of your forecasted 'budget' remains. Perfect for tracking your budget vs actuals.

Our Xero cash flow forecasting add on tracks budget vs actuals
See when to chase, when to pay and when to delay

Instantly see if you're headed for the red using Float's visual graph. Get immediate visibility into what bills and invoices are due and the impact they'll have on your bank balance. You can model your payment dates; deciding which debtors to chase and which bills to postpone in order to stay in the black.

Get a short term cash flow forecast with Float for Xero
Help with long term planning

Make informed decisions on the direction of your business based on the cash you'll have in the bank. How much can you afford to reinvest? What happens if sales dip? Can you afford to take on a new employee? Can you take cash out of the business? Model these scenarios to give your company time to prepare, plan or change direction.

Use this Xero cash flow forecasting add on to help with long term planning

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How does it work with Xero?

Setup is easy! Just connect Float to Xero, enter your cash-based forecasts into each cell, and we keep it up to date for you with bills, invoices and actuals. We read the expected payment dates on your bills and invoices as they come in, and use those due dates to project when cash will move in and out of your business.

We import your Xero data every 24 hours to automatically update payments that are due and paid (you can also run a manual import whenever you want).

Our integration with Xero is seamless. We won Emerging Add On of the Year at XeroCon Sydney 2014, we have more than 150 reviews in the Xero Add On Marketplace, and our customer support is pretty darn great.

Don't just take our word for it. Try it yourself, free for 14 days with no obligation.

KR Installations case study

"We used to use an Excel spreadsheet to manage our cash flow. I tried various set-ups to minimise my time spent on this, but I found it very difficult. It just didn't give us the 'up to the minute' information which I think is vital..."

Full article here

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