Scale your software and IT services business and predict your cash flow

Manage complex software, web development and IT infrastructure projects in Float – so you can track cash, spot dangers in advance and build a sustainable business.

  • Connect Float to Xero or Quickbooks in three minutes.

  • Model costs for any complex software, web development and IT infrastructure project with a visual forecast.

  • Account for unexpected costs – new hires, bug fixes, increased server costs.
  • Set a safety net to ensure you never run out of cash.

14 day trial – no credit card required.


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Float allows us to view our cash flow in real-time. It is probably the most valuable tool we have for running our business.”

Ryan Plester
Principal Consultant, White Room Automation


Software companies love Float


Cash Flow Problems

Software and IT services companies face huge cash flow challenges

Upfront costs are huge

Software and IT services demand huge investments – high-end contractors and technologies to build solutions.

Projects are complex

Countless moving parts. From high salaries and staff turnover – to aggressive competition and client-defined scopes.

Hypergrowth can happen

Every software and IT services company wants it. But the reality is tough to manage. Most fail due to cash flow issues.


Give your software or IT services business a safety net

Build solutions safely. Define a healthy cash reserve and track the ‘death date’ of your IT services company – so you can identify and respond to any expensive problems in advance.

Use your visual forecast to plan software development, web design and IT systems projects – with a confidence score to indicate if your data’s trustworthy.

Get proactive warnings ahead of any cash flow issue – like technology costs or unpaid invoices that could push your firm into its safety net.

Gavin Sallery,
Director, New Flex Tech

Visualise complex cash flows and plan the future of your IT business

Master your cash flow. Add and combine any potential IT and development projects or scenarios to explore their impact on your visual forecast – and business health.

Add each project to your visual forecast and explore its impact on your cash flow.

Add any scenario – from new hires and cloud computing to bug fixes and compliance.

Toggle projects and scenarios on and off to build visual forecasts that reflect your ‘best’ and ‘worst’ outcomes.

Shakira Floyd,
Director, Satori

Scale your IT business faster – with no cash flow spreadsheets

Lead your business. Float offers strategic visibility across your development pipeline for software, apps, website design and IT infrastructure – in one visual dashboard.

Explore the impact of individual issues – like project delays, increased server costs and extra contractors for a clear view of your company’s cash flow.

Win and manage complex software, IT infrastructure and web development projects, manage your cash flow effectively and scale your business.

Focus on growth – with no more static and outdated cash flow spreadsheets.

Matt Scaysbrook,
Founder, WeTeachCRO



Try Float for free – and take command of your IT services business

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Connect to Float

It takes just three minutes to connect your accounting platform to Float and see your first visual forecast.

Run a visual forecast

You can start creating scenarios and planning projects to answer crucial ‘What if?’ questions like “Can I take on a new hire?” or “What happens if I lose this client?”

Reach out for support

You don’t need any expertise to use Float but if you do need help, our friendly support team are one click away to give you the support you need.