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Track your cashflow and plan for any scenario

Float is a cashflow management tool for agency owners which allows you to track incoming cash and plan outgoing costs.

Using data from your accounting software, visualise how your cash flow will look in different scenarios, helping you answer your ‘what-if’ questions.

cash flow planning

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Grow your agency with confidence using Float

Manage your pipeline, reschedule projects when dates change, and have confidence taking on more projects. Stop relying on out-of-date spreadsheets. Join Float for a real-time view of your project and company cashflow.

What if I win this project?

Map out your proposed projects and gain instant visibility of a project’s impact on your cashflow.

Can I take on more staff?

Create scenarios to see the impact of growing your team to take on more projects.

Is my project on track?

Understand how your projects perform against expectations and keep track of all income/outgoings.

Keep on top of projects

With Float, you can see the cashflow of individual projects and how they fit into your company’s cashflow.

See the real-time progress of a project against expectations, understand each project’s profitability, and spot cash gaps ahead of time.

Get away from spreadsheets

Spreadsheet-based forecasts are time-consuming, inaccurate, and notoriously hard to update.

Float’s live connection with your accounting software provides an always up-to-date cash position instantly. Gain time and peace of mind to focus on growing your agency.

"This has now become an essential tool for the company. The hours it saves makes Float indispensable."

Terry Barnes


"We've been using Float alongside Xero for our two Creative Agencies. Float is invaluable to our business! Can I give ten stars?"

Andrew Dobbie

MadeBrave & Campfire

"Float has replaced hours of painstaking spreadsheet updates and manually copying data. I really can't speak highly enough of the product, support, and the responsiveness to customer/user feedback!"

Paul Musgrave

Uncle Pablo