Introducing: Multi-Budgets!

Here at Float, we know that your cash flow doesn’t always run like clockwork. Money moves in and out of your business all the time and, sometimes, a single monthly budget amount just isn’t accurate enough. That’s why we’ve made forecasting in Float more flexible and accurate than ever with Multi-budgets. In a nutshell, Multi-budgets […]

Notifications are Now Live!

Wondering why your cash flow forecast looks off? Or how that overdue bill snuck up on you and put you in a bind? Or ever just logged in to Float and wondered ‘where do I start’? You’re not alone. That’s why we’ve released notifications within Float to let you know when you’ve got overdue bills […]

Product manager float

Meet Kieran – Our New Product Manager at Float

If things are going well, at some point your company reaches a point where the CEO or founder needs to bring in some help so that they can focus on all the other stuff they need to do in order to run their business. Here at Float, that meant hiring a product manager to help […]