Why A Cash Flow Forecast Is Important To Your Advisors

If you aren’t already doing a cash flow forecast you probably know that you should be. But maybe you occasionally wonder why a cash flow forecast is important to your accountant, or why your bank manager wants to see one, your why your investor keeps telling you to show them one. A cash flow forecast […]

How to Price Float For Your Clients

Deciding how to build app advisory into your services can be a real struggle. Finding a price point and format that works for both you and your clients involves striking a delicate balance. We’ve spoken with our partner accounting and bookkeeping firms, and these are ways our current partners are charging for Float: 1. Include […]

how to use xero

How To Use Xero in 13 Easy Steps

Xero is an online accounting software designed for small businesses. If you’re new to Xero, then this guide to getting started should help you quickly get up and running. Here are 13 steps to get you started using Xero to get a better handle on your finances. 1.Watch the ‘Xero Dashboard’ video The first step […]

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Top Tips To Instantly Improve Your Cash Flow Projection 

Projecting cash flow is hard. But the more accurate you can make a cash flow projection, the more powerful they become. Here’s a list of 9 things we see business owners and finance directors doing that give them mastery over their cash flow predictions. 1. Clearly articulate your plans As Eisenhower once said: “plans are […]

Cash Flow Forecast in Excel – Pitfalls to Avoid

Creating a cash flow forecast in Excel (or another type spreadsheet) can be a critical step towards proactively planning for the future of your business. But keep in mind that a manual forecast is tricky to get right and keep up to date. When you’re getting started forecasting in Excel, take care to watch out […]

Free Cash Flow Forecast Template

We understand how important cash flow forecasting is for a business, especially right now. That’s why we’ve created a cash flow forecast template for you to start using for free today. Simply hit the button below and it’s yours. Do you know exactly how much cash is coming into and out of your business? If […]

Product Update: Quick Budget Edit

We have been working hard on introducing a new feature into Float called ‘Quick Budget Edit’. Simple Copying and Pasting This feature will allow you to copy multiple rows and columns of budget data from another source e.g. a spreadsheet, and paste them straight into Float using keyboard shortcuts (ctrl + c and ctrl + […]

The Difference Between A P&L Budget And A Forecast

Planning for the future is essential for business success. In order to make confident decisions, you need to know what lies ahead. Understanding the difference between your budget and forecasts can help you to properly plan for the future of your business. What is a P&L budget? Your profit and loss is your business’s financial […]

7 Steps to Build Float into Your Workflow

Can you see an opportunity for using Float with your clients but you’re unsure how best to incorporate it into your workflow? We’ve spoken with lots of partners who use Float regularly, and this is how they do it: 1. Test it out with your own data First and foremost, you’ll want to test Float […]

Why is Float Better Than a Spreadsheet?

If you are one of the many businesses that relies on spreadsheets to produce cash flow forecasts, you may have had occasional doubts and concerns about the level of accuracy and time it takes to produce them. You’d be right to question them. The fact is that a whopping 88% of spreadsheets contain errors*. One […]

Introducing… Onboarding Guide

Float has had a bit of a makeover with several new features over the past 6 months, so we’re introducing each one in a separate article here. Keep your eye out for the next one! Check out why we’re so excited about our Float onboarding guide! Onboarding We wanted to improve the onboarding flow for new users […]


Introducing… New Views in Daily Cashflow

Float has had a bit of a makeover with several new features over the past 6 months, so we’re introducing each one in a separate article here. Keep your eye out for the next one! With our new views in the tab for daily cashflow Float enables you to fully understand the breakdown of your finances on a […]

Introducing… Cash Flow Graph Views

Float has had a bit of a makeover with several new features, so we’re introducing each one in a separate article here. Keep your eye out for the next one! Here, we tell you all about the new version of our cash flow graph! Want to know more about which graphs your business should be […]

Forecast Frequency – Daily, Weekly, Monthly or Quarterly?

How often should you do your cash flow forecast, and how granular does it need to be? One of the frequent requests we get at Float is for daily cash flow forecasting. A lot of businesses are interested in more granular forecasts to get better insights into how their available cash changes day by day. […]