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Float has given us the confidence to make decisions. We’re no longer afraid to think strategically or invest in our growth.

Gordon McLachlan,
Managing Partner, Primate

Successful agency owners know three hard truths about cash flow management…

Cash is king

Your agency always has a ‘death date’ – when it will run out of cash – no matter how profitable you are.

Spreadsheets can’t
close deals

You can’t lead your agency, solve problems and win clients if you’re busy crunching numbers.

Plans change

You can’t predict every lost project and unexpected bill – so you need a plan that’s flexible.

Agencies sail safely with Float


Avoid your agency’s ‘death date’!

Set sail for Treasure Island – with Float as your compass. Float tracks your agency’s death date and builds visual models of its financial future that you can customise in seconds.

You’ll always know when your agency’s cash reserves are scheduled to run out.

And you can rely on Float to warn you about any upcoming issues – like a payment or payroll that could take you into overdraft.

“Most of our work is project-based. We might win a lot of projects in a short period, or not have any for a while – which is when we get nervous. Thanks to Float we can plan ahead, work out when we have money coming and balance it out.”

Gordon McLachlan,
Managing Partner, Primate


Iceberg – dead ahead!

Forecast your future and sail through any storm. See countless potential scenarios based on your agency’s future decisions, wins and losses – so you can pick the best route.

Add any potential income or expense – like a proposed project, new hire, tax bill or investment.

Toggle scenarios on and off to create instant forecast models that help you strategise

Float’s a crucial gate for any major decision. My agency’s grown and handles bigger transactions, so it’s even more important that we have a good handle on cash. Without Float we’d just be stabbing in the dark.”

Matt Scaysbrook,
Founder, WeTeachCRO

Spreadsheets overboard!

Lead from the front and scale your agency. Float replaces countless clunky spreadsheets with one simple dashboard that gives you visibility over your agency’s future.

Now you’re free to think strategically, respond faster as opportunities (and problems) emerge – and spend more time winning new customers.

“Float frees us to focus on sales and growing our business – it eliminates a lot of the manual work, spreadsheets and number-crunching.”

David Taplin, Director

Navigate your sea of numbers

Connect Float to your accounting platform and make better sense of your numbers – with customisable visual forecasts.

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Float’s ease of integration is excellent – we never found it hard to integrate.

Gordon McLachlan,
Managing Partner, Primate

Set sail and run your first visual forecast

It’s fast, easy and free to get started with Float – and answer burning business questions with your first visual forecast.

Connect with Float

It takes just three minutes to connect your accounting platform to Float and see your first visual forecast.

Run a visual forecast

You can start creating scenarios and planning projects to answer crucial ‘What if?’  questions like “Can I take on a new hire?” or “What happens if I lose this client?

We’re here to help

You don’t need any expertise to use Float but if you do need help, our friendly support team are one click away to give you the support you need.

David Taplin,
Director, Boostbery
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