What is Float?

Float is a cash flow forecasting tool you can use with your existing account software to help you plan your business cash flow. Our vision is to make forecasting accessible for small business owners. With an affordable, easy solution you can use anywhere, we help you get a better overview of your financial planning. We’ve built a tool for small business forecasting so small business owners can avoid sleepless nights, painful spreadsheets and running out of money.

Float is an online app that currently integrates with Xero and Freeagent, with other platform partners in the pipeline. Float is built in Ruby on Rails and lots of JavaScript, and hosted on Heroku.

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The Company History

You can read Colin’s story about Float in our blog. After several years as an idea, Colin Hewitt (CEO) and Philip Roberts (CTO) sat down to discuss the initial product. Float was built as a prototype in 2010, and the team was selected for mini Seedcamp in London 2010. On the back of this, The Float Yard was incorporated in October 2010.

With a small minimal investment, Colin and Phil developed the product, taking on the first paying customer when Float first started accepting payments in July 2011. With hundreds of active users and a growing waiting list for our new integration with Xero, Float is in a healthy state of growth.

Colin and Phil ran the fort for almost 3 years - then all of a sudden a lot of things happened very quickly. Within the space of a few weeks, the Float team expanded with two new developers and a Chief Customer Officer, and then signed a long-awaited deal for funding, giving us a basis from which to grow and develop the product. This second investment round brought Rob Dobson on board as an investor.

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Registered office:

The Float Yard Ltd
1 Summerhall Place