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Never have that sinking feeling again

Visualise what’s ahead. Map out your agency finances and build forecasts in seconds (even if you’re rubbish with numbers).

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Connect to your accounting software and start answering 'what-if' questions for your agency

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"I can actually run my agency now. Float is like having a finance department."

Chris Davies , Agency Owner, Dog and Pony Studios

Pipeline unpredictability sucks.

With Float, you can be prepared for any possible outcome.

What if you win project A, but not B? What if the client can only start 2 months later?

You can toggle projects on and off in seconds with Float to compare those scenarios. You can focus on planning for the best and worst-case scenarios.

Invest in your agency’s growth

Spend more confidently by seeing the impact of a spend.

See what the future looks like with or without a new spend, like adding a new hire or new laptops for the team. You can see the short and long-term impact it has on your agency.

Projects and payments get delayed. All. The. Time.

Foresee any impact on your agency due to delays

Track where you are with actual expenses and the expected payment timeline for each project. At any point in time.

Immediately spot cash gaps that might be affected due to timeline changes.

Answer questions. Fast.

Get real-time information from your accounting software

You don’t need to be a “numbers person”. Float transforms your financial data into something visual and forward-looking (and actually useful!), helping you spot trouble or growth opportunities ahead.

You are not doing this on your own.

Get the help you need without jargon.

We’ve got you covered from the beginning. Our team of qualified accountants, who truly understand agencies, can get you set up smoothly via a personalised 1-on-1 video call. You also have priority support when needed.

Need helpĀ  migrating your spreadsheet to Float? We’re here for that too.

Get better visibility into your agency's future

"We've been using Float for our two Creative Agencies. Float is invaluable to our business! Can I give ten stars? "

Andrew Dobbie
Agency Owner, MadeBrave & Campfire

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How Dog and Pony Studios are using Float

Chris Davies, the owner of Toronto-based creative agency Dog and Pony Studios, started using Float in 2013 and now describes it as an invisible member of the team. How did Float become such an integral part of the business? Dog and Pony Studios were successful: offices opened in Rio de Janeiro and Barcelona, new clients […] Read more

"This has now become an essential tool for the company. The hours it saves makes Float indispensable."

Terry Barnes


"Float has replaced hours of painstaking spreadsheet updates and manually copying data. I really can't speak highly enough of the product, support, and the responsiveness to customer/user feedback!"

Paul Musgrave

Uncle Pablo

"No more Spreadsheets! Life-changing software. Powerful, intuitive, simple and super smart. Highly recommended for all businesses!"

Vatsalya Bohra

Smith Brothers