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Easy, real-time
cash flow for
QuickBooks Online

Put cash flow at the heart of your business so that you can easily understand your cash position tomorrow, next week, or next month. Easily build your QuickBooks cash flow forecast

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QuickBooks Online’s most popular operational cash flow forecasting tool

Float seamlessly integrates with QuickBooks Online to give you a powerful, easy-to-use tool that provides an accurate view of your future bank balance. Automatic syncing with QBO keeps your forecast up-to-date with a live, rolling picture of your cash that never goes out of date. Which means you can spend more time planning for the future and less time worrying about your finances. Build your QuickBooks cash flow forecast in minutes, and save hours every week.

Thousands of QuickBooks Online users are already using Float. Join them and:

  • Understand your future bank balance
  • Create scenarios to model short and long-term cash flow
  • Track budget vs actual performance and get a detailed understanding of how your business is operating
  • Set budgets for cash that’s not yet in QBO and manage expected payment dates on invoices and bills
  • Trace each transaction back to its bill or invoice and get a granular view of incomings and outgoings

Get visibility into the future

Float automatically imports your QuickBooks Online data every 24 hours to show you exactly how much cash has actually moved in and out of your business, how much is due to move, and how much of your forecasted ‘budget’ remains.

It makes tracking your budget vs actuals something you actually want to do.

See when to chase, when to pay, and when to delay

Instantly see if you’re headed for the red using Float’s clear, visual cash graph and get immediate visibility into what bills or invoices are due and what impact they’ll have on your bank balance.

You can update your expected payment dates on bills and invoices; deciding which debtors to chase and which bills to postpone in order to stay in the black.

Make long-term planning a breeze

Make informed decisions on the direction of your business based on the cash you’ll have in the bank.

  • How much can you afford to reinvest?
  • What happens if sales dip?
  • Can you afford to take on a new employee?
  • Can you take cash out of the business?

You’ve got questions and Float has answers. Model these scenarios to give your company time to prepare, plan, or change direction.

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How does it work with QuickBooks Online?

Setup is simple. Just connect Float to QuickBooks Online, set your budgets, and let Float do the heavy lifting to keep it up to date with your bills, invoices, and actuals. Float reads the expected payment dates on your bills and invoices as they come in and uses those dates to project when cash will move in and out of your business. Once that money moves and you’ve matched your transactions in QBO, your cash flow forecast is updated with actuals.

Float automatically imports your QBO data every 24 hours, updating forecasts with payments that are due and ones you’ve paid. You can also run a real-time import if you know that QuickBooks Online has just been updated or whenever the mood strikes.