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Say goodbye to spreadsheet stress

Get a clear, precise view of your business cash flow – without spending hours in a spreadsheet.

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Creating and maintaining a cash flow forecast in a spreadsheet is both time-consuming and prone to error.

Float’s cash flow forecasting tool connects with your accounting software at the click of a button – so you’ll have a forecast that’s accurate and always up-to-date.


“Way better than a spreadsheet – real data and really easy to use!” Darwin Ginty, Trustpilot


“It’s the best cash flow app out there. This app fits our needs better than any other app we researched. It saves me a tremendous amount of time since I don’t have to update those spreadsheets any more. I would highly recommend this app.” Y Worley, QBO Marketplace


“Float has replaced countless spreadsheets and saved us an incredible amount of time updating them.” Helen Crapper, Xero Marketplace


“Brilliant – I have a clearer view of the future. Life before Float was complicated and uncertain. I’d created an Excel spreadsheet and cut and pasted data from Xero so that I could use it in a future-predicting tool. But it was slow, and was always messy. FLOAT SOLVES THIS.” Pete Moore, Xero Marketplace


Based on your real numbers

Float integrates with Xero, QuickBooks Online and FreeAgent accounting software so you can sync your real-time financial data and make sure your cash flow forecast is always up-to-date.

Visual cash flow graph

Tired of endless columns and rows of difficult to decipher numbers? In Float you can see a visualisation of your business’s future cash flow – making it easy to spot cash gaps before they become a major issue.

Easy to share insights

Your board doesn’t want to look at yet another spreadsheet. Export easy-to-understand cash flow graphs that give a true insight into your business’s finances.





How does Float work?

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Copy and paste from your spreadsheet

Getting set up with Float is simple. If you already forecast your cash in a spreadsheet, you can simply copy and paste the data into Float.

Syncs with Xero, QuickBooks Online and FreeAgent

We import the transactions, invoices, and bills from your accounting software to base your forecast on real data.

Better budgeting

Budgets are at the heart of how Float works. Tell Float what cash you expect to spend and receive, and it updates every day with data from your accounting software.

Compare your budgets vs. actuals

Quickly and easily compare your budgets to what has actually happened in your business, and find out whether your budgets were accurate.

Create scenarios

Scenario planning lets you model different hypothetical cash situations to see how they compare to your actual forecast. Layer different scenarios and quickly compare their impact on your cash flow today, and in the future.

Export and share insights

Easily share your forecast with PDF and CSV exports with stakeholders in your business.


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