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Thanks for booking your set-up call!

Here are the 4 steps you need to take before your call.

Your pre-call checklist

In order for us to make sure you get the most out of the call as possible, we’d really appreciate if you could take these 4 steps before the call 🙏



1. Watch our getting started video

Watch the getting started video

2. Reconcile or match your latest transactions

Match up your bills and invoices to their corresponding paid transactions as much as you can in your accounting software. In QuickBooks this is called ‘matching’, in Xero this is called ‘reconciling’, and in FreeAgent it’s called ‘explaining’ transactions.

3. Think about your future cash in and out

It would be brilliant if you could come to the call with a rough idea of how much cash you’re likely to spend or receive across a few different account codes – for instance in marketing or sales. This will help us begin to get your forecast set up.

4. Enable support access

Look out for an email with a link to enable support access. This will be sent out prior to your call