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Cash Flow Forecasting for QuickBooks Online

Visualise your bank balance next week, next month, next year and beyond.

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What is Float?

Float is forecasting software for business owners, finance departments and business advisors. We integrate seamlessly with QuickBooks Online to give you an easy to use cash flow tool. Finally there is a way to accurately project cash available next week, next month and next year!

Our QuickBooks Online users are currently using Float to:

  • Create 'scenarios' to model short and long term cash flow
  • Track performance
  • Set budgets
  • Drill into transactions to get a granular view of incomings and outgoings

Best of all, because Float pulls real time data from QBO, we automatically update your actuals giving you a live, rolling forecast that never goes out of date. So you can leave your spreadsheets behind, and see your forecast coming to life.

QuickBooks Desktop User?

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Chris Martin

"If you liked the Cash Flow Projector hidden away in desktop QuickBooks, you'll love Float. It's a real game-changer"

Chris Martin - Katherine Hooker Ltd
Constantin Luchian

"Float is a must have for any business"

Constantin Luchian - InCorporate Now Inc
Andre Walters

"Using this platform gives me a crystal clear picture of where my cash will be at a given point in time"

Andre Walters - Yuno

What will Float for QuickBooks Online do for me?

We'll show you how you're doing

Float automatically imports your QBO data to show you exactly how much cash has actually moved in and out of your business, we read your expected dates on bills and invoices to tell you how much is due to move and how much of your forecasted 'budget' remains. You can even share these insights with your investors/team via the reports feature, giving you (and them) confidence and clarity in your business finances.

Our QuickBooks Online cash flow forecasting add on tracks budget vs actuals
See when to chase, when to pay and when to delay

Instantly see if you're headed for the red using our cash manager. Visualise what the impact of late payments of bills or invoices will have on your bank balance. Use Float to model your payment dates; deciding which debtors to chase and which bills to postpone in order to stay in the black.

Get a short term cash flow forecast with Float for QuickBooks Online
Help with long term planning

Make informed decisions on the direction of your business based on the cash you'll have in the bank. How much can you afford to reinvest? What happens if sales dip? Can you afford to take on a new employee? Can you take cash out of the business? Model these scenarios to give your company time to prepare, plan or change direction. Float gives you up to 5 years visibility into the future of your business.

Use this QuickBooks Online cash flow forecasting add on to help with long term planning

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Christopher Villa

"The software helped us identify some very key cash flow issues. We thought Oct-Nov were our problem months, but with Float, we were able to determine that our biggest area of improvement was actually July."

Christopher Villa - i9 Sports
Joe Macri

"Float easily identifies future cashflow issues and allows us to manage these issues well in advance. I would recommend this program to anyone running QuickBooks."

Joe Macri - Ecostrat
Felipe Neuwald

"Float lets us do all our cash flow projections based on QuickBooks data and understand what's going on with our financials. We love it!"

Felipe Neuwald - PepMesh

How does it work with QuickBooks Online?

Setup is easy! A one-way sync with QBO automatically imports all reconciled bills, invoices and transactions and generates a 2-year cash flow forecast based on your last 3 months of historic actuals. We then read the expected payment dates on your bills and invoices as they come in, and use those due dates to project when cash will move in and out of your business. But we never push the changes you make back into QuickBooks Online, so you don’t have to worry about it affecting your accounts.

What’s more, we import your data every 24 hours to automatically update payments that are due and paid (you can also run a manual import whenever you want) meaning as long as Float is connected to QuickBooks, your forecast is always up to date.

Float’s integration with QuickBooks Online means you’ll have an accurate up-to-date forecast in minutes. Just sign in to Float, add your QuickBooks Online account details and let us do the rest. And what’s more, you could have a full cash flow forecast in minutes!

Don't just take our word for it. Try it yourself, free for 14 days with no obligation.

KR Installations case study

"We used to use an Excel spreadsheet to manage our cash flow. I tried various set-ups to minimise my time spent on this, but I found it very difficult. It just didn't give us the 'up to the minute' information which I think is vital..."

Full article here

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