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Float Projects

We spoke to many of our customers who told us that tracking project profitability and managing cash flow across multiple projects was complex.

With this unique project tool, you can gain greater visibility of your project spending. Now that the heavy lifting is out of the way, you can focus on hitting those project milestones!

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With Float Projects you can...

  • Track income and outgoings across projects

  • Add new and existing budgets to projects

  • Gain visibility of cash flow across multiple projects

How does it work?

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Is this cash flow tool for me?

  • Do you run a project-based business and struggle to track the various financial components of a project?
  • Do you want to understand the outcomes of winning or losing a new contract?
  • Do you need to report on the cash flow of projects to other stakeholders, funders or investors?

If any of the above sounds like problems you’re trying to solve, then this could be the right tool to forecast cash for your project-based business.



“In my organisation, the highest anxiety level for us is around money and how to monitor it, so Float can really help with our staff well-being. Float gives me a quick visual of how safe we are. When we need more money coming in or when we can afford to spend more money. We manage multiple grant funds, as well as earned revenue through events, which means we need to manage budgets and cash flow for each project, as well as ensure we have enough money to pay our fixed costs such as salaries. This can be a stressful juggling act, but we have visibility of our cash flow by projects now. I really feel Float can change lives.” – Rhiannon McIntyre, Float Customer

Managing your cash flow with Float

  • Sync your accounting data in real-time. We import your accounts, transactions, invoices, and bills to fill up your forecast with real data, automatically, saving you up to 8 hours per week with no complex spreadsheets in sight.
  • Scenario planning lets you model different hypothetical cash situations to see how they compare to your actual forecast. Such as what happens if I want to hire someone new?
  • Export and share your cash flow with other stakeholders by providing a visual representation of your cash flow.