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How to present & market Float to your clients

How to present the benefits of Float to clients

For your clients to fully understand how Float will help their business, and to get them to fully engage with testing the software, it’s important to clearly communicate the ways in which cash flow forecasting will help their business. 

Simply going through the features of Float may not be compelling, unless your clients first really understand why forecasting their cash is so important for their business. As explained in this article, the “why” is the most important thing to get across. 

That means understanding your clients wants and needs. What challenges are they facing? What plans do they have? What’s keeping them up at night? You’ll then be able to tie in Float as part of a solution.

Tell your clients about the benefits of having an understanding of future cash based on their specific concerns, such as:

  • Knowing whether they can afford to hire new staff
  • Knowing what would happen if they lost a key client
  • Being able to make informed decisions for the future
  • Always knowing who owes them money, how much, and when they need to get paid
  • Tracking their spending against what they predicted

Marketing support

As a Float partner you have access to our marketing support, which includes:

For more information on how to use, promote and price Float, check out our Accountant & Bookkeeper Resources Hub

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