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How to train your clients on Float

Help your clients get to grips with their cash flow and give them confidence in their business’ future, by training them in how to use Float.

Training your clients on Float

We recommend training your clients on Float the same way you learned it:

Step 1: Understanding your present cash

  • Importance of regular reconciliation / matching in the accounting software 
  • Selecting bank accounts and credit cards

Step 2: Understanding your future cash

  • Update expected payment dates on invoices & bills
  • Create cash budgets

Step 3: Learning about the advisory features, including scenario planning

  • Review the Daily Breakdown
  • Create scenarios for ‘what-if’s
  • Introduce Budget vs Actual insights 

For full training on each step, check out our Learn How to Use Float page.

If your clients would like to join a training webinar, they can join any of our upcoming webinars.

For more information on how to use, promote and price Float, check out our Accountant & Bookkeeper Resources Hub


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