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Float for accountants and bookkeepers

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Float for Accountants & Bookkeepers

Float integrates with Xero, QuickBooks Online and FreeAgent to help you create and automatically maintain cash flow forecasts.

Joining our partner program gets you a free Float licence for your firm.

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Predict the future better

Accurately predicting the future financial state of a company is critical to business success, but business owners often don’t have the time or the expertise to really get to grips with complex financial data.

Float cuts through the noise by framing finances in a way that all business owners understand: future cash.

Our automation, simple visualisations and singular focus on cash means that Float is the perfect tool to help advisors engage and collaborate with business owners about the future of their companies.

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Gail Bainbridge

"Float is brilliantly simple. It gives a business owner the ability to easily predict cash flows and identify any problem areas. Its simplicity makes it easy to update and really usable as a day to day management tool."

Gail Bainbridge, Bainbridge Lewis
Simon Kallu

"Float is remarkable. We've been searching for years to find a cash forecasting solution that allowed us to stop using spreadsheets. Float is simple to use and provides complete visibility. It saves so much time over a spreadsheet it's a no brainer for our clients."

Simon Kallu, SRK Accounting
Geoff Trabant

"By using Float I am now able to help my clients in a way that I simply wasn't able to before. Float delivers pertinent cash flow information to my clients efficiently and effectively, using data sourced straight from Xero! It does exactly what I want - it provides an extra layer of insight for my clients in relation to their business operations."

Geoff Trabant, Easy Online Bookkeeping

The Float Partner Program

We have a comprehensive program to help accounting and bookkeeping firms get their clients up and running, including (but not limited to):


Free training

We offer free training and webinars for you so you can train your clients on Float.


Generous discounts

You get Float for substantial discounts off our list prices, for more functionality. Make a margin, or pass these savings on. Get our pricing here.


Free Float subscription for you

You get your own, forever-free Float account for you and your practice when you join the partner program.


Unlimited staff logins

Add staff members from your firm to Float for free, without taking up any user licenses.


One dashboard

Access your clients’ cash flows straight from your partner dashboard.


More functionality

Your clients get 10 user accounts and 10 scenarios, not including your staff members.

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Denny O'Halloran

"Float is awesome, I previously used a spreadsheet for my cashflow forecasting which was high maintenance and inaccurate and since using Float I have never looked back. I don't know how anyone can run their business without it!"

Denny O'Halloran, Business owner, Roofline
Shane O’Connell

"Float helps us understand how much cash we have to reinvest into the business and make sure no one goes unpaid. It’s really helped us get a better understanding of where we’re headed."

Shane O’Connell, Summer of Dev
Avery Dorland

"Your accounting software helps you look at your business going backwards, Float lets you look at it into the future. It’s simple, and you don't need to be an Excel master to run it."

Avery Dorland, Windigo Online

How does Float work?

You can use Float if you use one of these three accounting platforms:

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Do you use a different platform? Click here

Automatic updates

Every 24 hours Float automatically imports data from the linked accounting software to show how much cash has actually moved in and out of a business, how much cash is due to move and how much of a budget for that month is remaining. Perfect for quickly and accurately tracking budget vs actuals.


Predict future bank balances

Float predicts cash movements based on due dates of bills and invoices sitting in an accounting package. We then show the impact these cash movements will have on an organisation’s bank balance. You can set more accurate ‘expected dates’ for payment of bills and invoices to get an even more detailed view.


Answer ‘what if’ questions

Help businesses make informed decisions about the future based on the cash they will have in the bank. How much can they afford to reinvest? What happens if sales dip? Can they afford to take on a new employee? By modelling these scenarios you can help business owners understand whether to prepare, plan, or change direction.


Understand where the numbers come from

When you enter a number into a spreadsheet, it’s very easy to forget what it actually represents. And making individual notes on each cell is not practical. With Float, you can drill into each cell to get more information, meaning you’re never more than a click away from completely understanding your forecast.

View the demo of Float here Watch the demo!

Why should you use Float?


Act as a guide

Business owners don’t have the time or expertise to manage highly complex accounting software. With Float, you can give them a tool that is simple to understand and has the power to accurately visualise the future health of a business. This creates a focal point for providing clear, relevant advice.


Streamline your forecasting

Do you spend hours each month manually entering data into a forecast? Do you not even bother because it’s too time-consuming? Float takes away the burden of data entry with automatic updates of all bills, invoices and payments direct from accounting software every day. No spreadsheets required.


Cut through the noise

There is so much data out there that it can be overwhelming for business owners. Float is on a mission to cut through the noise of financial jargon and help businesses get quick, meaningful insight into their numbers. Putting cash at the heart of things lays a no-nonsense foundation for long term success.


Work together

You can easily add businesses and staff to Float to allow collaboration. Did we mention you can add unlimited staff members from your practice? Working together in Float means everyone is up-to-date, on the same page and working together towards common goals.

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