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Float vs Fluidly

Fluidly have announced that they will stop providing access to their Cashflow Forecasting on Friday 28th April 2023. If you’re looking for an alternative, you can explore how Float compares to Fluidly below.

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"Float has given us the confidence to make decisions. We're no longer afraid of thinking strategically or investing in the growth of Primate."

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We often get asked what the difference is between Float vs Fluidly. So we thought it would be helpful to detail the main similarities and differences right here.

Here’s a quick comparison, so you can choose which cash flow forecasting software suits you best.

Comparisons between Float & Fluidly


Float Fluidly
Calculated method of cash flow Direct Direct
Managing invoices and bills yes yes
Ability to budget using an average of past actuals yes yes
Scenario planning yes yes
Customisable scenarios yes no
Import data from a spreadsheet yes yes
Project-based forecasting yes no
Control over your cash budgets yes no
Budget variance reporting yes no
Bespoke scenarios yes no

"Absolutely essential to the operations of our business. Very easy to use. Great software."

Amanda Mario , UnlockYourBlock

You have control over your cash budgets

Fluidly takes the approach of trying to automatically predict what you’ll spend, based on historical averages and other data. On the other hand, Float lets you set your own budgets, which offers flexibility to growing businesses where cash flow can differ considerably from month to month.

According to an article by De Jong Phillips: “whilst AI is undoubtedly very clever, many businesses have lumpy and non-trending cash flows, meaning you have to individually turn off all the calculations Fluidly has already done”.

Budget variance reporting

Float offers a budget vs actuals report to give you insight into how well (or badly!) you are sticking to your budgets.

Bespoke scenarios

In Float you can make and customise any kind of scenario, while Fluidly uses pre-set scenarios such as hiring new staff or moving premises.

Cash flow for projects

Our latest release offers project-based forecasting which no other software on the market can do – this makes planning and understanding the impact of winning and losing projects possible in a couple of clicks.

Float makes budgeting and forecasting easy.

We hope you find this comparison helpful and if you have any queries, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly support team.

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