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Cash flow forecasting for retail businesses

How will seasonal trends affect your cash flow?

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“No more spreadsheets! Float is life changing software. It's powerful, intuitive, simple and super smart.”

Vatsalya Bohra, Smith Brothers

Cash flow forecasting for retail

Understand how your cash flow changes seasonally and make smarter, more sustainable growth decisions for your retail business.

Scenario plan for ‘what ifs’

Understand how a new stock purchase, opening a new product line, a quiet month, or a new hire will affect the financial health of your business.

Budgets vs actuals

Compare expectations for cash in and out to find out what actually happened.

Uncover unnecessary costs

Easily find the areas of your business where you can trim the fat to increase profit.

Easily manage seasonal changes

Plan your cash flow for leaner months during profitable periods.

Float’s predictive models show you how much cash you need to put aside to continue a seamless operation when seasonal downturns arrive.

Identify cash gaps

Understand and plan for the peaks and troughs of seasonal shopping trends.

Create model scenarios to understand how much stock you need throughout the season to match demand.

No more spreadsheet forecasts!

Save yourself the hassle and time needed to keep inaccurate spreadsheet forecasts.

Float provides a real-time, visual picture of your future cash pulled directly from your accounting software.

"No more Spreadsheets! Life-changing software. Powerful, intuitive, simple and super smart. Highly recommended for all businesses!"

Vatsalya Bohra

Smith Brothers

"Float is easy to use and integrates really well with Xero. Customer support has always been brilliant as well."

Emilie Smith

Software Acumen

"To have Float to create and monitor a budget is invaluable. It’s forecasts are accurate and allows for even better scenario planning!"

David Marnewick

Learning Lab Apps

How Isle Of Skye Candles Reinvested For Growth With Float

"I can’t even begin to estimate how many hours I spent on excel doing instantly out-of-date cash flow projections; Float has given me a lot of time back in the day to get on with my real job.”

Iain McNiven, Operations Manager - Isle of Skye Candle Company




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  • 5 additional scenarios
  • 3 years future forecast
  • Weekly cash summary
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  • 10 users
  • 10 additional scenarios
  • 3 years future forecast
  • Weekly cash summary
  • Email support
  • Free staff training
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  • 100 users
  • 100 additional scenarios
  • 3 years future forecast
  • Weekly cash summary
  • Priority support
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  • Dedicated account manager
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