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What Does Success Mean To… Anand Kumar Sengottaiyan

Anand is the owner of Dr.Grill, a grilled chicken restaurant based in Coimbatore, India. They aim to provide healthy meals that can be enjoyed by all ages.

Anand Kumar Sengottaiyan

Coimbatore based entrepreneur Anand believes in a good work-life balance.

Why did you start your business?

When we wanted to enjoy a good grilled chicken, we had no choice in the city. Our family and kids never enjoyed the grilled chicken that was available. Mostly the food was considered as men’s food. So we saw that as an opportunity and we took it forward.

What does success mean to you?

Success isn’t what others feel about me or about the numbers in my bank account, it’s about spending quality time with family, kids, doing what I love & enjoying the little things which can’t be measured financially.

What does success mean for Dr.Grill?

When the brand can be sold for a price which includes return on investment & for the effort we’ve put in then we can consider that a success for the business and the brand.

“Being in the cloud is useful for managing accounts from anywhere”

What are your top 3 apps for running your business and why?

Quickbooks Online: You don’t need to be a finance graduate to do your business accounting. There is always Quickbooks. Being in the cloud is useful for managing accounts from anywhere using lots of customizable reports with the right analytics which helps make better financial decisions.

Shoptreeapp: We use this as our point of sale system. With tablet-based technology and a SAAS price model, this makes it affordable for every start-up. They have a great reporting system with graphs which helps with detailed analysis of each product, group & customer.

Joltup: This is an employee productivity and performance management tool which helps us to manage employee’s timesheet, checklists and schedules. The app helps us to reduce our paper trail and links the employee tasks with performance analysis.

How do you stay productive?

Dr. Grill

I believe in ‘one task at a time’. I never use social media apps like Facebook or Twitter on my mobile. My Whatsapp is always on silent, I reply only when I get to see them. No emergency messages come through on these mediums. I always love to make some time for ‘me’ every day, I usually use this time to work out or read. I use tools like Google Calendar and Wunderlist to organize my daily tasks.

What’s next for the business?

Lots of internal process and best practices have been setup in the last couple of weeks. We are also working on an innovative customer loyalty program along with a mobile app which is going to be implemented in this quarter. Our next is focus on expansion.

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