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Top Five Apps for QuickBooks Online

We’ve hunted high and low for the top apps on the QuickBooks App Marketplace to bring you solutions for everything from time-tracking to cash flow forecasting.

Check out our list of apps below to find out what they can do for you and your business.

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TSheets – Time-tracking

TSheets is the time-tracking app that will allow you to rest easy knowing that you, and your employees, are getting paid fairly for the work you put in. Acquired by QuickBooks in 2017, TSheets is the app that means you no longer have to spend hours of your week going over complex scheduling forms and ‘hours worked’ memos.

Instead, TSheets can provide you with the reassurance and knowledge that everything has been covered. From work schedules to sick days, TSheets will sort it all for you. There’ll be no more need for multiple hours a day spent counting out the hours that your employees have worked.

TSheets works across any device, so that whether you’re out on the road, in the office, or curled up at home with a coffee, you can be sure that you’ll have access to all your vital information at the touch of a button.  

Inventory by erplain – Inventory Management

For most businesses, keeping an eye on stock levels, and inventory checklists can be a full-time job. Whether you order in bagels, bicycles, or binoculars, Inventory by erplain is the app for you. With the automatic creation of sales orders, invoices, and purchase orders, you can rest assured that your inventory system is updated in real time.

Allowing you to keep on track of your orders and invoices, it limits the risk of human error as well as the time it takes to complete and register an order form. Inventory keeps all of your vital inventory reports in one place so that you can access them whenever you need them.

Float – Cash Flow Forecasting

Float is an award-winning cash flow forecasting add-on for QuickBooks Online. Using the direct method of forecasting in order to create reliable and powerful forecasts based on the actual money moving into and out of the bank at any one time, Float is the add-on that can help businesses to track the course ahead, even if it’s not plain sailing.

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Float empowers business owners to make confident business decisions by granting granular insights into the daily movements of their cash. Whether you wish to forecast 13 weeks out or three years into the future, Float can provide you with a visual and illustrative idea of where you’ll be.

Float also has a scenario planning future, so that whatever future you’re planning for, or aiming towards, you know that you can get there. Keeping on top of your finances has never been easier than with a cash flow forecasting solution that works for you and your business.

ReceiptBank – Receipt Management

ReceiptBank is one of the most successful financial add-ons of the past decade. Built around the idea that managing expenses no longer has to be done in a shoe box, ReceiptBank has taken the accounting and business world by storm.

Making things far more accurate, and reliable, ReceiptBank is the add-on you need to keep track of your expenses, wherever you are. ReceiptBank keeps everything in one place, so that when you need to look for that pesky lunch receipt you no longer have to rifle through a shoebox.

ServiceM8 – Job Management

If you’re a trade or a service business then, you’ve guessed it, ServiceM8 is the app for you. ServiceM8 keeps on top of your job management so that you can forget about the paperwork and the hours spent filling out forms and instead focus on the task at hand.

Making sure that you get paid on time for whatever project you complete, ServiceM8 deals with the distribution and handling of the invoices for you. Eliminating paperwork, increasing productivity, and allowing you to provide a great service, ServiceM8 is the only friend you’ll need to help you get the job done.

Whether you only use one QuickBooks App, or multiple, these are just some of the many varied tools available on the QuickBooks App Marketplace. But they’re some of the top-rated and most reviewed by businesses just like yours. So why not see what they can do for you?

Catriona Bane

Marketing Executive with a passion for helping small business owners get to grips with their cash flow.