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Top 5 QuickBooks Add Ons

We’ve searched high and low to bring you the top 5 QuickBooks add-ons available! Designed to help you and your business, these apps will keep you on top of your finances.

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Chaser – Debtor Chasing

Chaser is cloud credit control software for QuickBooks Online – a tool that’s incredibly useful for accountants, bookkeepers, and their small business clients. Chaser gets invoices paid sooner, and with less resource cost, by automatically chasing unpaid invoices via email – without losing the crucial human touch.

Chaser allows custom email templates and sending schedules, as well as provides insights to help you understand the pattern of your customers’ payments – all so you can tailor your credit control to achieve the best results. The real charm of this app lies in its ability to look and feel resoundingly human. It even thanks your clients when they pay – giving you one less thing to worry about.

AccountingWEB’s Cloud App of the Year for both 2017 and 2018, Chaser is the go-to app to prevent late paying customers from running rings around your business (or, for accountants and bookkeepers, your clients’).

Expensify – Expense Management

Expensify sounds like something you’d learn at Hogwarts and it is pretty magical. An all-in-one receipt and real-time report system, Expensify works by simplifying the expense process for admins and employees alike. Expensify will allow your wallet to have fewer receipts and more cash.

You and your business can get paid on time with easy and fast receipt management technology. With Expensify, you simply take a photo of your receipt and upload it to get paid with zero hassle. Expensify is the only expense management partner of the AICPA and Having all of your receipts available in one place, at the touch of a button, will change the way you handle your expense management systems all in one go. Expensify keeps track of your finances so you can take care of business.

Float – Cash Flow Forecasting

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An award-winning cash flow forecasting app, Float produces visual and accurate reports for your business present, and future. Float integrates seamlessly with QuickBooks in order to keep you and your finances on track. By filling up your budgets with invoices and bills pulled from your accounting software you can look to the future rather than remaining stuck in the never-ending game of keeping on top of your finances.

With only 5 star reviews on the QuickBooks app marketplace, Float certainly is one of the best apps of 2018. The integration with QuickBooks cuts out the need for manual data entry, resulting in increased accuracy, an always up-to-date forecast, and an average of 8 hours per month in saved time for its customers. Float offers cash flow forecasting software that is simple to set-up and easy to understand.

The beauty of Float lies in the fact that it pulls in amounts and expected dates from bills and invoices from QuickBooks, and uses them to populate your forecast. This means that your forecast is extremely accurate in the short to medium term, giving you insight into exactly when money is leaving and entering your business. Don’t drown in data; jump in at the deep end with Float.

To find out more about how Float can make you a cash flow champion you can sign up for one of their free webinars!

Fathom – Management Reporting

Fathom is an app that will allow you a deeper insight into the inner workings of your business. It helps you to track, understand, and improve your KPIs by providing you with a visual and logical dashboard. With an invaluable reporting feature, Fathom allows you to share the journey of your business with clients, your bank, or your team.

The open-plan dashboard is easy and intuitive to understand – no more hunching over multiple reports in various locations to keep your business up and running. A globally-minded business that puts people first, Fathom is focused on helping its clients make better business decisions. It’s certainly an app that’ll keep you out of deep water.

Practice Ignition – Practice Management

Labelled the number 1 tool for the modern accounting practice, Practice Ignition certainly is one of the top QuickBooks add ons of 2018. This add-on enables automated accounting client on-boarding, recurring invoices, and workflow deployment. Streamlining the processes of creating well-written and engaging content to secure new clients, Practice Ignition saves you time. Integrating with QuickBooks, Practice Ignition makes it easy to onboard clients, send invoices, and collect money upfront. Also providing a business insights dashboard, Practice Ignition makes it easier than ever to see exactly where your business stands. With only 5 star reviews on the QuickBooks app marketplace, this is an app that provides excellent service and even better results.


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