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Small Business, Big Questions

Business owners never run out of questions about their business. Possibly now more than ever before.

Can I pay my bills this month? When can I hire another member of staff? What are my expected outgoings next month? What happens if we have to close for a few weeks?

Faced with an endless flow of ‘what ifs?’, the great unknowns of the future can be truly daunting.

Wouldn’t life be so much easier if you could make smart business decisions with confidence?

We’ve pulled together some of the most common questions business owners have in this handy guide Small Business, Big Questions.

Take a look at some of the questions… you may find the answers you’ve been searching for.

Illustration of man looking through binoculars with piggy bank and cashflow chart

When will I have to dip into my business savings?


Illustration of man at desk with question mark over his head

How much can I pay myself?


Illustration of lighthouse shining a light on boat on choppy water

How can I predict cash gaps?


Illustration of mand and women sitting on giant scales

What do I need to break even?


Illustration of piggy bank and cash flow chart

How do I calculate how much cash is coming in?


Ginat invoice illustration with clock and two people

How do I keep track of my bills?


Illustration of people around a giant screen with cogs in the background

How can I see where we’re overspending?


Illustrated man at desk with calendar in the background

Can I plan ahead to pay my tax bill?


Illustrated super hero flying over coins

Do I have surplus cash?


People shaking hands outside new shop with city scape background

When can I afford to hire more employees?


Do you have any burning business questions we haven’t covered here? Let us know, we’d love to hear from you

Louise Bayley-Boyd

Digital enthusiast, passionate about helping small businesses survive and thrive.