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How to Streamline Your Advisory Services with Simple Cash Flow

Recently, technology has come along leaps and bounds – especially in the accounting industry. And with the current economic situation due to the Coronavirus pandemic, advisory services and cash flow forecasting have never been more important.

With simplified solutions to previously time-intensive and complicated tasks, technology is paving the way for a new kind of relationship with your clients.

In fact, this is a topic so popular right now that we’re hosting a webinar on the subject on the 30th July at 10am BST!

simple cash flow

From holding more in-depth conversations to working together to come up with better solutions, technology is allowing accountants and bookkeepers to streamline their advisory offering. 

With these new solutions in place, you’re able to hold more in-depth conversations with your clients and enhance your advisory services. 

But it can be difficult to find the right solutions for you, and your clients. Choosing the right tech for your firm can involve a lot of research and a lot of time. 

And not every solution is simple enough for either you to implement, or your clients to understand. 


Cash flow with Float

Traditionally, cash flow forecasts have been created in spreadsheets. Which can be neither simple, nor the best use of anyone’s time.

But technology is fast becoming the first port of call for most to solve the problem of time-consuming and complex spreadsheets. With a recent boom in financial technology – not to mention over 700 apps on the Xero marketplace – there are more solutions than ever.

Float is one of those solutions, and provides the balm to the complexity of spreadsheets by creating a visual, accurate, simple cash flow forecast for you and your clients in no time at all.

Allowing you to automatically predict your forecasts, import your budgets from a spreadsheet, or else manually enter them into an intuitive and flexible budgeting model, Float can help to bridge the gap between your financial knowledge and your clients’ needs.

Using Float as a platform to hold advisory conversations can mean that both you and your client can get an insight into the current and future numbers. 

And with simple cash flow comes simple answers to complex questions. By just changing, adding or removing budgets from Float you can model out any ‘what if’ questions that you or your client has. 


Cash flow for complex problems

Recently, we sat down with our friend and partner, Andrew Van De Beek of illumin8 accounting. Andrew has long-since provided a cash flow forecasting service for his clients. And before coming to Float he used spreadsheets and other tools to do this.

Understanding the value of a cash flow forecast is one thing, but being able to use a simple cash flow tool is entirely another. 

And that’s when Andrew came to Float. 

Already holding open and regular conversations with his clients, Andrew was able to leverage visual aspects of Float so, as he says, “everyone is on the same page, literally”. 

But it wasn’t only his clients that loved the simple cash flow view that Float provided. With one particular client, Andrew was able to negotiate a better repayment rate using his experience and the simple cash flow answers that Float could provide. 

So in using Float’s simple interface to strategise and visualise the future of his clients’ cash flow Andrew was able to streamline his advisory meetings and get to the right result for his client.

Like most things, Float is best when shared. 

Andrew, and many of our other Float partners, hold regular and actionable conversations with clients. Doing so places them as trusted advisors. But Float can offer you a simple cash flow platform to encourage insight and understanding. 

Simplicity is just one of the reasons why so many accountants trust Float to help them streamline their advisory services. Float is powerful and accurate and gives you the control and reassurance you need to provide your clients with a valuable and actionable, but simple, cash flow forecast.


Why not try it out for yourself? Sign up today to unlock your free partner licence!

Catriona Bane

Marketing Executive with a passion for helping small business owners get to grips with their cash flow.