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Product Update: Extending Expected Dates By a Set Number Of Days

One of the most important parts of creating an accurate cash flow forecast in Float is managing the expected payment dates on your invoices and bills. We’ve now made that much easier, giving you the option to extend one or multiple invoice or bill expected dates by a set number of days.

So for example, if a particular client has net 60 day payment terms and their invoices are due in 30 days, you can search for the invoices just for that client, select them, and extend them all by 30 days from their due date. No more faffing around with individual invoices!

Float cashflow expected dates

By default, if you have any overdue or unreconciled/matched invoices or bills in Float, Float will think that they are payable today. This can make your forecast wildly inaccurate. So go ahead and update those invoices and bills today!

Log back into Float and update your expected dates!

Harriet Stevenson

Conversion Marketing Manager at Float