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Introducing… Help Site and Speed Improvements

Float has had a bit of a makeover with several new features over the past 6 months, so we’re introducing each one in a separate article here. Check out what we’ve done to improve our Float help site:

Improved Speed

Sometimes Float took longer to load than we would like, so we’ve made some improvements under the hood, so that Float now runs on a new engine and the cash flow is built in a new way, meaning initial load is slightly slower but overall the interface is more responsive.

Float Help site

Sometimes it’s just easier to watch a quick video about how to do something than read through an explanation. On our help site we have introduced handy videos for several key topics that take you through how to do certain things in Float. We’ve also added to our library of help articles, making sure you get the answers you want, when you want them. We are continually adding to this to make your experience of Float the best it can be.

Float Help Site

We’ve added helpful YouTube videos to our help site (


Harriet Stevenson

Conversion Marketing Manager at Float