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How Medstars Planned to Use Their Investment with Float


Dr. Barry Lambert is the CEO and founder of Medstars, a health consultancy business that specialises in getting patients the right medical care at the right time. For a consultancy company like Medstars, keeping on top of cash flow is essential to their success.

Float case study
The Medstars team

Measuring the impact of investment

Medstars keep track of their finances using QuickBooks Online and have an in-house bookkeeper that keeps on top of their reconciliation.

But, recently, Medstars secured a significant investment in the business which meant that it was vital to understand the impact that it would have on their cash flow. Whilst having more money in the bank felt good, Barry found it difficult to plan for how best to spend it to grow the business.

“When we got the investment, it then became a case of needing to see what we could do with it. I could have spent hours fiddling around with a spreadsheet, but I knew that there would be simpler solution.”

Barry found Float on the QuickBooks App Store, and soon saw the advantage of having a visual platform to monitor his cash flow.

Sharing Float with the team

As well as visually showing the impact the round of investment would have on the company, Float provided Barry with the ability to share Medstar’s performance with the team.

He says, “I wanted something that I could share with the team. It was never about just holing up in an office and producing figures on spreadsheets for me. It’s about collaboratively sharing in our business’s performance.”

Showcasing Medstar’s financial performance in meetings allows Barry and his team to collectively come up with plans to reach their future goals.

Whilst Barry says that the visual aspect of Float has been invaluable, it’s the time-saving that he loves the most when it comes to presenting Float to the team. “It means I can tap in a few numbers and present it to the team with minimal effort, and I’ll still have the rest of my day to get back to work.”

It’s Float’s integration with QuickBooks Online which means that Barry knows that Float will always be as accurate as it is fast. With the ability to quickly and easily change budgets, Barry now has additional time to get on with some ‘what if’ scenario planning.

Forward-thinking and future planning

Barry uses Float’s scenario planning tool as more than just a sense check for what’s actually happening with Medstars. In fact, he also uses it to allow for a scope of imagination that just can’t be accounted for in a spreadsheet.

Barry explains, “We have some pretty ‘out there’ scenarios. Mostly just to see ‘what if’, or what could happen. They help us to see the possibilities of the business. But it’s always good to be able to plan for anything at any time.”

It’s this ability to plan for the future, regardless of what that future looks like, that has been invaluable to Barry and Medstars. With the investment already secured, Barry needed insight into where that additional cash could take them.

“Float allowed us to see exactly what could and would happen now we had that investment in the bank. We could start planning for hiring, and remain confident that we knew exactly where the money was coming from and going to.”

With this ability to plan for any eventuality, Barry has newfound confidence in his business.

For Medstars, Float isn’t just about checking their vitals, it’s about keeping the company healthy for now, and the future.


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Catriona Bane

Marketing Executive with a passion for helping small business owners get to grips with their cash flow.