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How Emma Pearce Uses Float with Her Advisor

Emma Pearce is the Managing Director and Founder of Pearce Marketing Consultants, an agency based in East Sussex. Pearce Marketing works with small-medium businesses providing marketing planning, outsourced marketing support and training.

Trusting her advisor

Emma works with Emma Fox of Fresh Financials to keep her bookkeeping in order. And it’s this trusted relationship that has been a game-changer for Pearce Marketing. 

“Emma Fox has been with me for such a long time now. She’s an integral part of the team.” 

In fact, it’s Emma Fox who encourages Emma to jump on board with many of the apps that they currently use, including Float! 

“I was using another system before, and it was Emma Fox’s recommendation to move to Float. I trust her implicitly, and she has never made a wrong move!” 

But the feeling is mutual, with Pearce Marketing being perfect to test out new apps. “I’m kind of Fresh Financials’ guinea pig for testing out new software, which is great for me because I get to be at the forefront of these things! And Emma knows how keen I am on the Cloud and technology in general.”

It’s having such a strong relationship with her bookkeeper that has allowed Emma to get a better handle on her cash flow. 

Using Float to understand cash flow

Float has become invaluable in helping Emma understand the future of the business. As an experienced marketer, Emma knows exactly how important metrics are. And cash flow is a part of that. 

“Cash flow just wasn’t really my strength. It’s not what I’m good at and not what I want to have to think about. It seemed like there was no simple way to get my head around it.”

Interpreting the success of a marketing campaign may be second nature to Emma, but accounting data is a whole different beast. So she turned to Emma Fox to provide a solution that would work for both of them.

And that’s where Float came in. 

“We can both log into Float and see the data. I can certainly use Float with ease if I need and want to. I can play around with numbers myself, independently testing things out, or I can reach out to Emma if I want additional help. It’s great to have a collaborative tool that we can use together.”

Making decisions with Float

For Emma, Float has meant that she can make decisions really easily, without having to stress over her finances. 

“Float is definitely a decision-making tool. In the past, I’ve been stressed about making certain financial decisions. But now I use Float to help me and it’s all so much more straightforward.”

As a small business, there’s constantly a new potential marketing activity to consider, as well as decisions about when to hire staff. And, for Emma, this means being on top of her financial metrics to ensure that she makes the right choices for Pearce Marketing. 

“I use Float to make those decisions. You just see the stats straight away, and know when to make the right choices.” 

To answer these types of questions, Emma uses Float’s scenario planning tool. 

“It used to be a case of having really complicated spreadsheets with too many formulas, and you could make it go wrong so easily. But Float is the exact opposite of that.”

Most recently, Emma was able to create a scenario to plan the impact of going to an exhibition. After checking her cash flow in Float, and spending less than a few minutes in it, she knew that she could make the right choices.

“We did actually decide to go to this particular exhibition. Modelling it out in Float gave me the confidence that it would be fine – and it turned out more than fine, it was great!” 

The perfect combination

With Float, Xero, and Fresh Financials, Emma says that she’s really found “the perfect combination”. 

“Having a great bookkeeper like Emma, alongside Float and Xero, just means that there’s so much more control. I can see everything so quickly and easily. There’s really no excuse not to know about your finances now because it’s all there for you and, if I ever do get stuck, Emma’s always always there.” 

Float helps you overcome any issues or concerns that you’ve got as a business owner. It’s just simple and it’s accessible all the time. So, whenever you might be called on to make a decision, you’ve got something there to help you.

Not only does Float allow Emma more control and insight, but it encourages her to get better at managing her finances and using cash flow as a metric to grow her business. 

“Float just constantly makes me want to get better at using it. I want to be able to use it all the time, because it’s real-time and so powerful.”


Why not try Float for yourself and see how it can help you and your business? 

Catriona Bane

Marketing Executive with a passion for helping small business owners get to grips with their cash flow.