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How Chaser Will Help You Get Paid On Time

Invoicing can be an arduous process for many businesses. According to a report by Xero, small businesses struggle with making sure the cash collection process is quick and accurate, with “following up on late payment” listed as a specific bug bear.

If only there was a tool that made collecting cash easier… Enter Chaser, stage left.

Chaser is a Xero add on with one simple aim: to get you paid on time. Chaser sends automated (but personalised) messages to your customers reminding them to pay so that you don’t have to spend time chasing them yourself. Once payment is logged in Xero, the integration tells Chaser to stop chasing.

Being Persistent Helps You Collect Cash


Just like you can forget to invoice, your customers can forget to pay. This stuff happens. But as the old adage goes, energy and persistence conquer all things. So the more you remind customers, the more likely they are to cough up. (Business Advice advocates this approach when chasing invoices).

All businesses spend time following up on their invoices, you can do this manually, or you can employ Chaser to do it for you; setting it up to automatically send timely reminders that gently nudge your customers in the right direction.

A Human Touch Makes Collecting Cash Easier

Research has shown that using the “human touch” when dealing with customers is more likely to result in action. It’s easy to ignore things that feel generic or look automatically generated. But when a message looks and feels tailored to you, you are going to give it more attention. Again, you could craft a bespoke message every time you are chasing someone for an outstanding invoice, but that obviously takes time. Chaser lets you tailor each message to fit in with your usual email style. So you can schedule automated messages that sound like they come from you and not a machine.

Summing Up…

Using Chaser means you benefit from automating a time-consuming process, whilst maintaining good client relations and increasing your chances of getting paid on time. Running a business is a full time job, so any efficiencies you create means more time doing the things you like: closing deals, spending time with family, going to the gym, not chasing invoices, never chasing invoices, but happily knowing that invoices are being chased*. Sorted.

*Unless you actually love chasing invoices, then maybe don’t use Chaser.

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