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Float Welcomes the WOW Company

Float, the cash flow add-on for accounting software Xero, has welcomed The Wow Company to its list of partners.


The Wow Company is one of the leading national accounting firms for small and medium-sized enterprises. It is passionate about using technology to make it easy to manage wealth and business finances, which is why The Wow Company has chosen Float to remove the hassle from managing cash flow in a business.

The benefits of adding Float to our client offering were clear. Float’s seamless integration with Xero makes it simple to set up and keep track of our clients’ short-term cash flow. It removes the hassle of updating spreadsheets, and is something business owners can actually understand.

– Paul Bulpitt, Director at The Wow Company

WOW company

“Float enables us to add even more value to our clients, allowing them to have insight into their cash situation when they need it most. They can quickly and easily see the cash flow impact of investing in new equipment, premises or hiring new staff, enabling them to make effective informed decisions.”

Xero is gaining users rapidly across the UK and the world. The Float cash flow add-on built by the Float team in Edinburgh is also growing at an unprecedented pace, as businesses and financial advisors recognise the value it brings – and how much time and effort it saves.

WOW Company

By taking live feeds directly from Xero, Float keeps forecasts relevant and up to date. Previously, forecasts were generated with complicated spreadsheets or complex desktop software. Now, accountants using Xero can efficiently predict more reliably their clients’ short-term cash position to the day, over upcoming weeks and months. This can help their clients avoid running out of cash to cover situations such as major projects and tax bills, with a lack of funds one of the biggest reasons why companies fail.

Colin Hewitt Float’s CEO said: “I am delighted to welcome The Wow Company to our growing group of partners. Having such an exciting company on board is fantastic news, and we look forward to working with Wow to provide business owners with proactive cash flow forecasting to help them run a more profitable business.”

Many good businesses get into trouble due to lack of awareness with cash issues ahead of time”

“Float is designed to be used by accountants with their clients. Both hold vital knowledge that when combined with up to date actual figures makes building a realistic forecast not only possible, but fast.”

“Many good businesses get into trouble due to lack of awareness with cash issues ahead of time. Using Xero and Float together make it possible to recognise the cash issues before they happen, and take action. This is a big step forward for small companies, and we’re delighted to be part of the solution driving financial insight through the Xero reporting and dashboards ecosystem.”

Xero, which has just been voted ‘world’s most innovative growth company’ by Forbes, is building a significant ecosystem of complementary software applications that link in to its own online accounting platform. The purpose is to offer them to customers so they can further boost the efficiency and ease of operations of their businesses.

Xero UK Managing Director Gary Turner said: “Xero has always been committed to helping our customers with specially designed apps that genuinely assist them to run their businesses by meeting their needs very precisely. This extensive range of software applications is our own ecosystem and is very much a part of our vision of what we offer to customers. We also want our software providers to flourish and improve and do all we can to support them.”

Colin Hewitt

CEO and Founder of Float, cash flow forecasting made easy.