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Float for Service Businesses

Project-based businesses tend to suffer from ‘lumpy’ cash flow. While outgoings are fairly predictable, inbound cash is not. That’s why so many Float users come from businesses such as agencies and consultancies…

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Float Testimonials - Reason Digital

Matt Haworth is the co-founder of Reason Digital, a digital design and development agency based in Manchester, UK. They are a social enterprise, only working on projects that do social good and reinvesting surplus cash into ventures like staff volunteering schemes.

“Float is fantastic, it fills the gap in Xero’s cashflow and budgeting features, and adds a layer of usability and simplicity on top which makes it very easy to keep an eye on the most important thing to any business: cashflow today, tomorrow, and down the line. We couldn’t run our business as effectively without it.” -Matt Haworth, Reason Digital

“We couldn’t run our business as effectively without Float”

Float Testimonials - Monochrome

Jason Brown is the new media director for Monochrome, a web application design and development company based in Surrey and specialising in bespoke application development and UI design. Their clients include Lloyd Grossman and Premier Foods.

“We love Float! Previously we used Excel Spreadsheets to track our cash flow. It has a wonderful UI and integration with Xero is seamless and we now find our cash flow analysis is much more accurate as it’s working with real time data from Xero. Also the time to manage our cash flow has been significantly reduced which makes myself and my bookkeeper very happy!” -Jason Brown, Monochrome

“We now find our cash flow analysis is much more accurate.”


Float Testimonials - KennedyTurner

Kennedy Turner are a design agency with a difference. Made up of James Turner and Holly Kennedy, they are completely remote and run their business while travelling the world. They focus on startups in all geographies and are passionate about the work they do.

“I use Float almost every week to check my business’s cash flow. Apart from Xero, there’s no other tool which has transformed my understanding of my company’s finances more. I wish they had a personal version!” -James Turner, KennedyTurner

“There’s no tool which has transformed my understanding of my company’s finances more”


Float Testimonials - Media Seed

Peter Hall is the managing director at Media Seed; an innovative, multi-platform, out-of-home advertising specialist in New South Wales. Media Seed have worked with L’Oreal, Unilever and Greenpeace.

“Gives confidence to strategic decision making with scenario forecasting, visually appealing and easy to understand, attentive customer service, always evolving and simple to use. Perfect for SMEs and highly recommended.” -Peter Hall, Media Seed

“Float gives confidence in strategic decision making.”

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